OT Digital Camera help!

I Love my “Sony Cyber-Shot” I just got it. It is a big upgrade from what I had “Kodak Easy Share”. The Sony has a lot more features than I really needed, hopefully in time I will learn how to use them. :thinking:

Thanks so much :cheering: :happydance:
Indygirl, this camera has lots and lots of features, too…it’s gonna take me a while to get them figured out, but it’s gonna be fun :cheering:

He just likes to give me things…I don’t get him to do anything…I am one very, very, very lucky girl in soooo many ways, not just cause he spoils me rotten, but because he’s just the best man in the world on all levels :muah: :muah: We have a wonderful relationship…trust me, he’s so great I’d continue to say he was the best husband in the world if he never gave me a thing :inlove:

Awwwww. :cheering: for Lonnie. Enjoy your new camera!!!

Thanks! I’ve been playing around with the new camera today, it’s fun…with loads of features!!!

Does it mean now you are going to post a lot photos of good shawls and yarns here?

LOL, that is quite possible…I do hope to knit shawls and then some more shawls in the fall :cheering:

OMGoodness, I just had to share! Lonnie just came home with a breadmaker…yay! I had mentioned wanting to start baking breads again, so he decided that a breadmaker would be easier :cheering:
Do any of you have one, have you any suggestions? I’ve not baked bread in several years and I’ve never used a maker, any suggestions would be welcomed :muah: