OT Digital Camera help!

Hey guys…I’m in the process of getting a new digital camera…rather, trying to figure out which one I really want. I had wanted a dslr, but, truthfully, I no longer really have any use for and slr. So, I decided to upgrade my digital camera. I now have a Nikon Coolpix 4600, it is what it is…I want better.
So, I’m looking at the Canon A700, A620 and A540 thus far. I don’t really want to spend more than $300, $350, I would be way happy to spend less. Anyway…do ya’ll have any suggestions for a nice all around digital camera with zoom capabilites, maybe some manual controls to play around with and that doesn’t take forever to recycle between flash photos?!
Since there are such wonderful knitters here who take cool photos of your knitting…I know that you all have this camera info, too!

We really like our Sony Cybershot. Takes great pictures and it is nice and small to carry anywhere. It also has a pretty fast shutter speed, nice for when you are taking pictures of moving objects like my little ones! :slight_smile: I can get the exact model number if you wish, but I would think you would be happy with any of them. We have purchased all of our electronic equipment in the past few years from Abe’s of Main. Their site is: http://www.abesofmaine.com. They usually have really great prices and I would at least check them out before purchasing and compare their prices.

I’ve had my little Canon for a few years now and I love it. It has a lot of flexibility and is pretty easy to use. It takes excellent pictures too.

I love love love my Canon – I’ve had it for 6 years and I have no plans to replace it. (If I did I’d replace it with another Canon!) Never had one problem, and I take LOTS of pictures. LOTS. :wink:

It does have that lag in the regular shooting mode, but I always shoot in the continuous shooting mode (you only have to push one button to change the setting, it’s no biggie) so it’s not an issue for me. With small children, it’s best to take 95657768 pictures in a row, ensuring that you’ll get 1 or 2 good ones! :wink:

Whatever you go with, just make sure you have optical zoom! Once in a while you’ll find a good deal on a camera and wonder why…usually it’s because they don’t have optical zoom, only digital zoom, which is a nightmare. IMHO.

Thanks guys! Yes, I knew about the optical zoom deal, you are so right, they will hide that info in the small print for a sale, rather like they do fixed focus/focus free cameras.
I used to take oodles and oodles of slr pics, but those days are just long gone…LOL!
Okay, so ya’ll say you like your Canon, which is great cause that’s the one I’m leaning toward. So, which Canon series do you have?
I’ve also heard great things about the Cybershot…that’s the other one that’s in the running.
Why, Oh Why do they make so many different ones?! I have a hard time making up my mind with too many things from which to choose :shock: !!! Then, after going to camera forums and talking to sales people it’s kinda like this: :yadda: So, I finally came here to ask ya’ll…the people I trust :muah:

Hey Rebecca- Before you make your purchase, be sure to visit
http://www.gotapex.com/ They have several deals/discounts available on digital cameras. If you put “digital cameras” in the search box it will pull up the page with all of the information.
Happy Camera Shopping!

You probably already know that I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT which is a DSLR. This however is my 4th digital, the others were regular digital cameras. I use these sites listed below when reading reviews and comparing cameras. They all have excellent reviews, forums and lists of what they consider the best in various categories.

Imaging Resource
Steve’s Digicams
Digital Photography Review

I have to put in a vote for Kodak cameras here! I love my kodak and my dad bought one that he really enjoys. They have great zoom, lots and lots of options and manual settings and they don’t take to long between shots. I was able to get accessories (fliters and lense hood) for the camera with a little searching but they are great additions. My dad has the P850 and enjoys it. Mine is no longer available, but is very similar to the P850. They usually can be found for under $300. Never had any problems with mine.

Of course you can go with Cannon too! :wink:

I inherit a cheap Kodak Easy Share from my nephew, which is not that great but I have a software that can fix just about any pictures and make them look like I have a Canon Rebel, the same one that Jan has. But if I can afford an upgrade, I will buy Sony Cybershot :thumbsup::thumbsup: It’s easy to operate, great great results and looks stylish, too. Of course I would buy a Canon Rebel if I can afford it. That’s one bad boy there! :notworthy:

And… you should definitely check out the link that Jan recommends for a digital camera review before you make a decision.

BTW, I can post the link where you can download the free software if anybody wants it. It’s very user-friendly! You can resize and do the whole nine yards with your pictures. No more dark backgrounds! :happydance:

It is all about what you expect in a digital camera and what you use it for. I have a Canon IS 2S because I love a good zooming besides quality. Some people like compact; some like very high resolutions. Since you already have budget in mind, you can go to http://www.digitalcamera-hq.com/digital-cameras/ and read up the reviews and see the pros and cons, by your price range. It might seem overwelming, but you should have a better idea after reading them. I usually spend quite sometime doing research when it comes to purchasing something expensive.


That is all…


I had a Kodak easy share camera, and when my husband broke it I got a Konica Minolta DiMage. I like the Minolta, it has an 8x optical zoom, and it’s an slr that has an auto setting for when you don’t feel like messing with them. However, it’s bulky and it doesn’t fit into any of my purses. As a result, I rarely grab it and walk around with it, and therefore I didn’t get any pictures of my honeymoon.

So I’m looking for a small point-and-shoot to gift myself with sometime in the future. Something without a lot of zoom, but that takes nice pictures and will fit in my purse. My kodak was great for that, but because they tried to scam the hell out of me when I wanted a new one I told them they could :!!!: off and bought the minolta on ebay.


I call it the ‘baby’ of our Canon family - Hubs has several and I will be inheriting the Rebel once I’ve gotten it back from my lil bro, (it’s Hubby’s).

Thanks everyone. As I said, I have no real use for a dslr, this is what I was going to get, but changed my mind. So, I think, after a great deal of research on camera sites and chatting with you guys that I am going to probably go for the Canon A700 or 620…even though Canon announced their new cameras today…I’m probably going for one of the 2 afore mentioned…LOL, but, as we all know…a girl can change her mind :wink:

Another great site for reviews is www.dpreveiw.com

I bought my husband the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5. He also wanted a little more control than a point and shoot. He is very pleased with it so far.

I have the Panasonic Lumix FX01 becuase I did want a point and shoot. It is great and I use it often. (and fits in my purse)


Thanks! The Lumix was the other one I was considering! I’ve been looking at dpreview, too, along with dresource. LOL, I need to just decide on one and stop looking :roflhard: :rofl:

I have a Lumix DMC-FZ5 as well. It was a predecessor of my IS 2S.

Funny. I have a DSLR at home and i wanted something that i could keep in my purse for those times when i didn’t want to carry around a brick.

I wanted small and i wanted AA batteries because i’ve always had a problem with Lithium batteries wearing out. If i pull out my camera and the batteries are dead, i want a quick way to replace them.

I opted for the Nikon Coolpix L4 (probably about the same as the camera you’re replacing), but i love it. no complaints.

Okay, after all of this research I finally decided on the Canon A540 because the A700 doesn’t have IS which makes the zoom capabilities a bit questionable; I looked at the A620 and decided that I had absolutely no need for the swivelly lcd and I like the larger lcd on the A 540.
Well, Lonnie just came home with it in hand :muah: :heart: :hug: :muah: I’m so EXCITED :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

:cheering: for Lonnie! [size=1]How do you get him to buy you all this stuff??![/size]