OT : Digital Camera Help ! FIXED

OMG - my husband is going to kill me … I was messing around with our digital camera (Pentax Optio) trying to do something and I think I deleted all the images he had stored on the camera !! Among other things he has been tracking my pregnancy and not taking pics off the card…Please tell me there is a way to restore these pics…

I went to the Pentax website, but their customer care page keeps giving me error messages and of course I cannot call them until tomorrow.

Google “restore photos on memory card” and you’ll get some links for memory card recovery software. I don’t know if any are free, but I’d hate to see you lose the photos that are not replaceable.

I don’t think there is anything you can do on your own. Next time put photos o. The computer and then a cd/dvd to back them up.

Thanks Jan - I’ve been goggling things for the last hour and wasn’t coming up with anything with my wording ! I’ll give that a try. There is also a fancy camera store near where I work so I may take it in there tomorrow at lunchtime and/or call Pentax and see what they say.

I am always asking my husband to take the pictures off the camera for this very reason. I typically try not to push buttons other than taking pictures but he is not home tonight and I was trying to get something done … OYE

:cheering: Jan - I will sleep better tonight thanks to you !! I read a couple of those sites and it seems that if I deleted or formatted my memory card all I did was make the space those pictures were on available for use again and the pics are still there. Since I know there are options I will wait and talk to the hubby when he gets home tomorrow so he can choose the software he wants to use…I hesitate to do an online download b/c I don’t want to see my pregnancy pictures show-up online somewhere so I may still visit the camera store and/or Best Buy tomorrow to see if they have software.


Sometimes not all photos are recoverable, but from what I understand most will. Glad I could help!

Do not write anything to that card. If you do the odds of getting your pictures back drop dramatically.

Here’s a free option, http://www.formatted-recovery.com/ for up to 1GB.
If you keep watch on http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ the full version should make it’s way around again but I wouldn’t wait.

There is hope. I have had luck getting accidentally deleted photos off an SD card using free software (It was a few years ago, so I can’t remember what I used). As Mike said, just don’t use the card for anything until after you get the deleted files off. Good luck!

Since there was light at the end of the tunnel I decided not to make a HUGE mess of my big mess and confessed to the hubby last night. One of the guys in his lab has the software so all photos were restored this morning. His only complaint is that they are all out of sequence now… I figured I would wait a day or two before I ask if my most recent knitting pictures are there : )
Thanks so much for all your reassurance !!