OT - Did I Miss American Idol Last Night? Scoop PLEASE

I think that the parents need to step in and take the phone away from the middle schoolers who are voting for sanjaya. :fingerwag:

And yet we still keep tuning in to see what’s gonna happen next… :teehee:[/quote]

i know, isnt it terrible. i wanna stop watching because it makes me angry, but still i want to know what happens. i still think i’ll at least skip next week. somethings gonna give :doh:

p.s. I hate you, Vote for the Worst!

(had to get that in there :teehee: )

Z told me this morning that he heard Simon say he’d leave if Sanjaya wins, which would leave me with no more reason to watch. I’m half hoping Sanjaya wins for that reason.

MTV commentator’s recap of this week’s show.