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My daughter is in 7th grade. Her birthday is coming up (she’ll be 13), and there’s a boy who has been vexed by her for quite a while now. Sydney said he’s a nice kid, doesn’t get in trouble, but she’s not interested in him. Yesterday he came to school with several birthday gifts for her. A leather bracelet, a stuffed animal, ribbons, stickers etc. But one gift has left me rather concerned…

A (possibly genuine) diamond ring. Husband and I have examined this under a microscope and we both think it may be a real diamond. If so, this ring is probably worth $1000.

There wasn’t even any hesitation on my part… we can’t keep this. If it’s real, it HAS to be stolen. And if it were mine, I’d want it back. We can’t keep it.

We don’t know this kid or his family. We made a best guess as to his phone number using the phone book and school zone area, but the number just rings and rings.

I don’t want to get him in trouble, but I’m thinking maybe we should report it to the police? What would you do?

Holy guacamole, kid! If that thing is real, I agree that it must be stolen (and nicer than any jewelry a guy has ever given me, and I’m twice her age :pout: ). That being said, I think it would be a good idea to take it to a jeweler to determine if it’s a real diamond before you do anything. It shouldn’t cost anything to do that.

I don’t have kids, so I can’t give any “something similar happened to my daughter” advice, but if I were in the situation, and the ring proved to be a real diamond, I would call the school’s guidance counselor before calling the police. They would have a better chance of getting a hold of the kid’s parents, and they may also know if the kid is in a situation where he would steal a ring to give to a girl.

Or maybe he’s just been singing your daughter’s praises to his overly-generous parents, and they bought it. Unlikely, but that would be cool. :roflhard:

OH Kristen that’s a horrible situation to be put in. I’d try the phone number a couple of times today and if you still don’t get an answer maybe contact the principal at school. Maybe he’ll have a way to get in touch with the parents and if not then I would go to the police. I wouldn’t want to get the boy in trouble either but that’s a pretty big valuable to go missing.

Good idea about calling the school.

The other problem is that I need to approach this carefully. I don’t know if someone I talk to about it is honest, whether it’s the kids parents, a guidance counselor, whomever. I mean, if someone called and said I have a diamond ring that I think might be stolen, what’s to keep them from saying Oh yeah, it’s mine… bring it here. Even if it’s not theirs?

If it’s legitimately just a lost ring, that the kid found, gave to my daughter and no one claims it… uh, we want to keep it!

Ugh. This is crazy. I kinda hope it’s a fake… but I don’t think it is. The cuts are all crisp and sharp, there is a little inclusion in the stone… looks real.


I don’t think I’d go to the police first, since you don’t know where the ring really came from.

If you go to the school, it’s likely that they won’t give you the boy’s number because of privacy issues, but they might.

They can, at least, contact the parents themselves. If he took it from his parents, then they can handle it. If you think they might lie about it, have them describe it to you.


I agree that you should call the school first. See what they say and see if one of the counselors is familiar with this boy. For all you know, it could be his Mom’s ring that she doesn’t wear anymore or it could be the ring of his Grandparents. Or, like you said, he could have just happened to have found it somewhere. You just never know. I personally would hold off on calling the cops until you have exhausted all other measures. Though if the school has no answers, they may just go ahead and call the cops regardless.

Kids that age sometimes go to extremes with a first crush, but a diamond ring?

I would definately wait on calling the police for a couple of reasons. First, he’s awfully young to have something like that on his record. Second, I would worry about his reaction of getting in that much trouble, if it is stolen. I would try to contact the parents, and go to the school to see if they have a way to get in touch with them, if they have caller ID they may not answer the phone if a number appears that they are not familiar with.

In the meantime I would take the ring somewhere to see if it is real, there’s a lot of jewlery that looks so much like real diamonds that it’s hard to tell. Also, does the ring, especially the band, look used? If it has scratches or dullness it is more than likely used.

Good luck!

Oh, you could check with Andrea here on the forum, she is a police officer.

MY first guess would be that he got it out of his mom’s jewelry box and she would want it back!

I think my first concern would have been, “How serious is this kid???”

That’s pretty scary for that age. How does your daughter feel?

Now, I think that I agree about going to a guidance counselor. But I think that I would approach it as a relationship concern first. Check into whether that diamond is real before sharing your concerns that it is stolen. If you find out it is real, then let the counselor know that. They can run interference between you and the other parents.

Oh goodness…I SO feel for you since I have a 7th grader and a 9th grader. Only difference is that my 7th grader has no interest in girls…probably because he has an annoying older sister.

Please keep us posted!

I know… it’s probably his mom’s ring. I’m not getting my hopes up. I want to do everything I can to get it back to the owner. If it were mine, I’d be heartbroken. I personally couldn’t keep it without trying to return it. Even if his parents don’t know anything about it, I’ll contact the police to see if its been reported lost or stolen.

And the band is a little dull, so it’s not a new ring.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. She’s been given rings before, but they’ve all be fake. Not even real gold.

She was surprised, but I think it was just a gift, nothing more. She doesn’t like him that way and she said she doesn’t do anything to lead him on.

She also said he’s a pretty good kid, and hasn’t gotten in any big trouble at school. Just once for fighting, but that’s because he was being picked on.

First of all if you don’t want to go the jewlery store if it is real it will scratch glass. If it is fake it won’t do anything to the glass.
I hope you find out who it belongs to that is some ring!

Well, everything I have has already been said… I was going to bring up the ‘it will scratch glass’ thing, and also put in my vote for calling the school guidance counselor (or principal, maybe?) as a first step before calling the police. If whoever you talk to does jump in with “Oh, it’s mine, bring it here!” you can always ask them to describe it. If it’s not theirs, they won’t know the cut, etc. Another reason to bring in the school is that I would think this escalating attention might at some point, if not already, make your daughter uncomfortable.

Good luck with whatever you do! I have two daughters, ages 3 and 5, and I am just so terrified of what lies ahead… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t go to the police, like some others said its probably his mother’s that he took from her (not that it makes it better). He may have taken it from her because she doesn’t wear it anymore, and he might not have realized that its something you’re not supposed to do. I had a friend once that used to give me presents he took from his mother (but we were younger, around 1st or 2nd grade). My mom let his parents know what was going on and returned the things to them. I would try his number again, then maybe go to the principal or school so maybe his parents can come in and sit down to talk about it.

I would call the school, too. Although that does look like a real diamond ring, there is the possibility that it’s not real, too… some of the fakes look pretty darn good now.

This kid obviously has a serious crush on your daughter. I hope she can let him down w/o hurting him too much.

I’m interested to see how this works out. I’m hoping it doesn’t have too bad of an outcome. I obviously don’t know that boy but I kind of feel bad. We all know what it’s like when you’re that young and when you’re really trying hard to impress a crush. I esp. felt bad when you said your daughter said that he’s not a bad kid but that he had been picked on by someone else before.

Wow, in 7th grade, they’re handing out diamond rings??? What is this world coming to…

I would find out for sure about the ring athenticity, and then I would make your daughter give them back to him. I think, the boy, might take it as her leading him on, if she accepts it, even if not real…

I have a 6 year old, goodness knows, what boys will be handing out them…I shudder to think :wall:

My 14yo’s boyfriend wanted to buy her a promise ring for her birthday. I told her in no uncertain terms that if ANY boy gives her a ring she is to return it to him immediately.

Contacting the school is most likely the way to go first. They can probably take care of it with out any embarrassment to either of the kids.

aw Kristin, idk what to say. all good advice has been given in this thread.
good luck with everything, I hope for a smooth outcome.

Interesting. That’s a odd for that boy to do that, though we did have a boy in fifth grade give his grandmother’s necklace to this girl because they were going out, and I thought that was odd too, though this is much more serious since it appears to be stolen. What I would do is try to contact the parents first, and ask them about any missing jewerly, has your son been acting odd sort of thing. I don’t think you should contact the police, and shouldn’t contact the school until you have the parents involved and are ready to sit down and talk about it all together. It is serious that he’s stolen it though, and you should definitely make it known to someone about what this boy’s done.
That’s just my two cents. Whatever way you choose to deal with it though, let us know and I hope it goes well! :hug: