OT - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Anyone play?

I’m on the USEast server and have been trying for a while to convince my b/f to play multiplayer with me. But he never wants to.
I have 2 assassins (can’t remember their levels right now), and neither are ladder charcs.

I really enjoy the game and would like to know if anyone is interested in playing once in a while. :thumbsup:

Crud… I didn’t even know this game was out. I just got WoW and it’s eaten my life. I don’t even want to know about this one!!!

Diablo (the original) ate my life for about a year. We used to do LAN parties all weekend. Wouldn’t sleep, barely ate, but had a blast. Now it’s ever so much easier with these mega multiplayer games!

This game has been out for a looooooooong time. :wink:

Though, Diablo III is supposed to be coming out sometime soon. And it’s set to be a MMORP. :thumbsup: I can’t wait!

It’s super easy and super addictive. And no monthly fee! :wink:

Diablo 3?!! My little bro wasn’t lying?! How cool!
And yes, Diablo 2 is insanely addictive, I asked my dad to play once and now he has at least five characters at Champion hell level.He’s very mad at me for showing him diablo.
Is anyone else enchanted by the music?

Oh yeah, the music rocks. :thumbsup:

Diablo 3 won’t be out anytime soon. DH is on a forum with some of the people who are working on the game, and they say it’s nowhere near launch. It could be at least a year, likely more. :frowning:

Oh. Sadness. :cry: I thought it was going to be sooner than that.

Well, I guess I have 2 games to look forward to next year then. D3 and Spore.

Yeah, the dh is pretty upset, too. :frowning: Diablo is a great game! He’s playing Oblivion right now and is loving it!

My b/f is playing Oblivion. I’ve watched a few times, but I don’t like how the people look. So, I’m not really to interested in playing.

Of course, since it doesn’t have multiplayer anyway, and the whole point is that I want to play a mutliplayer game with him.

He really enjoyed FFXI with me…except for the need to party. But, I’m trying to convince him we don’t need to party. We can just run around on our own and kill orcs to farm gil so he can craft more. He loves crafting. I think we’ll try it again after we move and get settled.

But D2 is just so much more fun with someone else.

D2 is fun with someone else, yes. Do you have an XBox? Halo is awesome 2-player!!!

Nope. No XBox. Just a playstation. My bf has a PS2, but there’s no color on it for some reason. (He got it modded and we think the mod must have come loose/off or something cuz everything is black and white now.)

:frowning: Stinky about the PS2! Our X-Box has gone crazy; the power cord only works half the time, if that. Turns out it’s an internal problem, though, not a cord problem.


Least I can still play my games on my PS1 though. :smiley:
(We really don’t use the PS2 very much at all.)

D2 is fun. DH and I used to play it all of them just on a local network we have at home. We would go on these huge spurts where we would play for hours every night. Haven’t played in about a year though…

Yeah. TCP/IP is fun. :slight_smile: