OT - DH was in a car accident!

DH went out after work yesterday with some friends. I was woken up at 1am by a phone call - he was rear-ended on the DC Beltway, and his car is probably totalled. There was traffic due to construction on the highway, and he had slowed down to about 25 mph. The girl behind him didn’t, and rammed into the back of his car at about 70 mph. His car spun sideways, and she hit him again on the side. Luckily, both he and his friend were wearing seatbelts. They’re both a bit sore, but otherwise unhurt. DH told me his glasses flew off his face on impact - without the seatbelt, he probably would have gone through the windshield.

So I bundled up 2 sleeping kids and strapped them into their car seats, and drove 20 minutes to go pick him up. We had to wait while the state trooper filled out a preliminary accident report, etc. That phone call was one of the worst of my life - my entire body just went numb. Its been over 2 hours now, and I’m just starting to stop shaking. We’re really lucky, this could have been so much worse.

So I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days whether they will fix his car, or total it. We can’t really afford another car payment (DH’s car is paid off), but there’s a ton of damage. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

I could not imagine getting that phone call. I am happy that he is alright, sounds like he was very lucky.

Glad he’s okay and he wears his seatbelt. Everyone always remember to do the same please! I recently rolled a car 1.5 times landed on the roof going at 100 kph and walked away with just a minor scrape on my foot from it banging into the accelerator (I think). I really think that without the belt I might be dead and certainly quite badly, maybe permanently, hurt. 3 days later my friend’s car tipped over into a ditch and she said if she hadn’t had her belt on, who knows, she might have fallen through the open window and had the car land on top of her. Remember to put it on every time.
You must have been so scared. Sometimes I think it is worse to get that phone call than make it. Your hubby knew as soon as the car stopped moving - or 30 seconds later - that he was okay. You had to get the call and drive out there without seeing it for yourself that he was okay and until then it never sinks in. And dealing with taking the kids out there too…
Go have your drink of choice, be it tea, coffee, or Scotch. Read the replies tomorrow, if you are still online. Hope that the car can be fixed or even better, insurance buys you a new one!! The person who hit him: stupid cow. But hope she’s okay.
Do whatever you need to relax (a bit).

P.S. the fact that you have come and posted to your online knitting friends about it shows you are already returning to normal.

P.P.S. what’s a Beltway anyone? How is it different from a motorway/ ‘highway’?

oh my!! thank God!! they are safe!!! how’s the girl who hit them??
I pray for you all and am grateful as you are.

Wow, your poor husband! Poor you! It could have been so much worse, he was lucky indeed.

Redwitch, a Beltway is actually a highway/freeway, but it’s one that goes around a city so commuters can avoid inner-city traffic. Here we would call it simply a “ring”.


How scary for you! I’m glad your DH is OK. :heart:

:hug: I’m glad your DH wasn’t hurt.

P.P.S. what’s a Beltway anyone? How is it different from a motorway/ ‘highway’?[/quote]

The Beltway is the highway that forms a “belt” around the DC metro area. You’re either “inside” or “outside” the beltway. “inside” is usually more expensive. Our commutes here are horrible and if you’re inside the beltway you usually have an easier commute into the District (DC)

PS - Glad your hubby is ok.

I’m glad they are alright.:hug: That’s a horrible way to be woken up.

:hug: So glad he is OK and could make the phone call himself! I always wear my seatbelt, but trying to explain to teenagers the importance is FRUSTRATING! My DS won’t put it on if he’s in the back seat without my nagging. It scares me to think about what could happen if he was with a teen driver and in the back seat without his belt and something happened! Hopefully your heartrate is back to normal this morning! Hang in there!

Julie, slam on the brakes at highish speed next time he doesn’t wear his seatbelt, just enough to make him lightly bop his head and then say 'imagine that at xmph instead of the speed I was just going.'
BTW Bobi be prepared for his shoulder to be sore tomorrow or day after (and way cool bruises on shoulder and sides of both hips).

Great idea!!

That must have been so scary. :hug::hug: I’m glad he’s okay.

Oh Robyn! How scary!! I’m so glad he and his friend are ok. How was the girl that hit them? I hope it they total the car, you get a good sized check to put down on a new car. :hug:

Big Bear Hugs…

Ok… Having driven on the beltway I know how insane it is. My kids were in VA when dsin-law was stationed there.

Main thing DH is safe. I’m keeping paws crossed that her insurance will replace car.

Be sure and have DH checked out by a DR. Even though HE says he’s ok… it is better to know now, than to try to file an insurance claim later.

His body may still be in a type of shock and he isn’t aware of pains & or neck or back injury.

Big Bear hugs again.

Wow! I’m glad he’s okay. The car is a minor thing in the grand scheme of things. God will provide…


ugh. i used to live there. traffic drives SOOOOOOOOO fast, and so close together. no one gives ANY space between cars. if you try to leave room between yourself and the car ahead, someone cuts in. i can just imagine how fast and hard she hit him.

he will probably be super sore today. muscles tend to be more sore for the next day or 2 after the accident, rather than right away. if he’s hurting, he really should go get checked out. it will help in the insurance settlement as well b/c you can establish any muscular strains.

here’s hoping you ALL recover quickly.

I’m glad they’re ok. Could have been a lot worse. It only took one trip through a windshield for me to learn to strap in.

He really should be checked out by a doc just to make sure there aren’t any injuries.

Oh how scary! I am so glad that he is safe at home.

I agree with knitting guy. Go see a doc for followup just to cover your bases, especially if a bruise is showing up over the area of the seatbelt.

:hug::hug::hug:So glad he is ok!:hug::hug::hug: