OT: DH and Fear Factor Live in Orlando, FL

We went to Universal Studios on Wednesday and DH tried out for Fear Factor Live. He was cast for the show, competed in 3 stunts just like the TV show… AND WON!!!

In the first stunt, each of them had to stand on a platform way up in the air, and hold onto a bar above them. Then the platform dropped out from below their feet. The two who fell first were eliminated. The one who held on the longest got to pick their partner for the next stunt. DH blew the others out of the water. There was a guy and 2 girls to pick from, so DH picked the guy (he would also be his competitor for the final stunt if they won round 2).

The second stunt was in 2 parts. The first half, DH was hoisted into the air (only about 5 feet high) and held a bucket. His partner (Ed) had to reach into a tank of eels and pull out beanbags, he then had to toss them to DH. They caught 4, the girls team caught 3. For the second half, DH was lifted 3 stories high, then swung like a pendulum. This time HE had to toss and Ed caught. But DH didn’t get to throw bean bags, he had to toss dead, rotting octopi. Since they won the first half, they had 1 extra octopus. They caught 4, the girls caught 1.

For the third stunt, DH and Ed raced against each other as they scaled the side of a building pulling flags, then slid down a pole, raced to a car, climbed in and started it. Once started, the car raised up to the ceiling and they had to climb out onto the hood to pull off flags off the front of the car while getting rained on, then climb back in, to the back seat and grab a “rocket launcher” and shoot a target to win.

DH won!!! He won 4 1-day, 2-park tickets to Universal (which NEVER expire and are a $300 value), a Fear Factor video game, and a t-shirt which is only given to the winners. They also said he may get a call-back to come back for future shows. :happydance:

DH kicks butt! Enjoy your tickets! I think they’d have to promise me more than that to toss around dead octopi. :lol:

So DH resembles Rambo, a little? :lol:

Woohoo~ maybe you can both be on the TV show~ :cheering:

Wow, Silver, that’s awesome! Just watching that show makes me scared. Just call me CHICKEN! :shock:

Soooo KEWL!!! :present:

That’s awesome. :thumbsup:

My boys are sooooooo jealous…now I have to take them, Stephen would do anything to be on that show.

Way to go Silver’s hubby!!!


That is HYSTERICAL, Silver! At least he didnt have to eat anything gross…

:cheering: :cheering: WTG SILVER’S DH
Siver…WITHOUT A DOUBT!!..your man KICKS butt

Hey Silver, were you scared while he was doing any of it?!

That’s so cool! He must be so proud of himself.

And I agree with Kelly. At least there were no gross things to eat. Eww!

That sounds quite harrowing! :shock: Congrats on him winning.
Wow, your DH looks like he’d be your DH. You two look like a good match. It’s neat to see a picture of him.

Silver that is SO COOL!!!