OT: Dead tired

Cycled 35.42 miles /57ish kms yesterday. Lots of steep hills. I slept all night and I’m still tired. yawn

I’m tired just reading your post! :teehee:

Even my boyfriend, the lycra-wearing road cycling fiend found it tiring. :lol:

There was an incident with a belligerent dude in an SUV and then DBF and I were sniping at each other at one point…but we went to a pasta restaurant and stuffed ourselves (plus my best friend came with some yarn that I bought off her) so all was well in the end…

You must be very healthy to bike that long.

Cycled 20 miles yesterday…

I usually mountain bike around 20 miles every few days. Loads of fun. Plus I like the feeling of getting stronger.

Cycled around 14km today.

Well you should be tired! All that bragging is taking the wind right out of your sails…:eyebrow2:

Actually, I am impressed. :thumbsup: I managed about a one mile walk Today. First day of a new habit. :oo: Crossed Fingers