OT - Daughter Having Knee Surgery - UPDATE

Hey y’all.

Just wanted to ask for prayers for my daughter. She’s having knee surgery in the morning. The doctor suspects she tore her ACL during a soccer game in December, but they aren’t 100% certain. They are going in arthroscoptically (sp?) and will repair what needs to be fixed, if necessary. We’re hoping that nothing needs to be done, which would mean she could be back playing within 2-4 weeks. If a reconstruction is required, she’ll be out for 9 months. She’s a very competitive soccer player, so this is very hard.

We had to travel two hours away to get a GREAT doctor (totally worth the drive). Picture us with two dogs (just could not board her new puppy – previous post), two children, two adults and not much luggage (cause of the dogs) in a small SUV. :teehee: LOADS of fun…

Anyhow, I appreciate the prayers!

Thanks y’all! I’ll keep you posted.


She’ll be fine either way. Life has a funny way of working out for the best.

Ohh :frowning: , my older brother hurt his knee, too last week during a basketball game, and he is also a very competitive player… I think the doctor said he either got a torn cartilage or hurt his ligament, he has to use a cane sometimes but we’re still not sure whether he needs a surgery( he was really worried about whether or not he could play sports anymore :frowning: ). My brother was also worrying about whether or not cartilage would heal on its own because blood doesn’t flow to your cartilage. He says that if it doesn’t heal on its own then he cannot walk well anymore, he was upset about that. I hope that’s not true because my older brother is only 18.

I hope your daughter is fine, and I’ll be praying for both my older brother and your daughter! :pray:

My DH had the same type of surgery a few years back - he was in an out in a day, they found an extra bit of cartlidge causing trouble and removed it and he was fine.

I was sooooo worried though. I paced and paced and paced - but apparently I should have spent the time cooking - because when he came around he said “Can I smell toast?”

She is in my Prayers.


Like Mason said, things have a way of working out. I trust in God’s plan. It is perfect.

I’m sure your brother is going to be fine. My dd had problems walking for a couple of weeks. She is currently pain-free. She doesn’t think anything is wrong with her knee anymore. We’ll know in about 4 hours.

I’ll pray for your brother!


I’m sure she’ll do great. And with the arthoscopic surgery it’ll be much less painful than it wouldn’ve been otherwise. I hope everything works out! Good luck to you and her!

Consider it done. My son, the soccer player, had that same surgery twice.

Here’s hoping she’s back to her old self very soon!

:pray: :hug:

Well, the nurse just came out in the middle of surgery and told us that they are going to do a full reconstruction of the ACL, which means she’ll be out of the game for at least 9 months. It’s breaking our heart because she did not have the typical symptoms of a full tear.

Dreading when she wakes up and finds out…


I’m sorry to hear that. I hope she takes it well. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks everyone.

Love y’all!!




You have my prayer for her complete recovery. Psalm 20 might be a comfort. :hug:

Sorry about the extent of the injury, I know that’s got to be rough.

Hugs and prayers to all of you!!! :hug:

Not sure how I missed this one earlier!

Best wishes for a strong recovery for your daughter!

She will be very sore for a few days, and moderately sore for a few weeks.

The most important part of ACL reconstruction is the postoperative rehabiliation. The surgeon’s job is straighforward and done in an hour or so. It is important to follow the prescribed rehab to first, get the range of motion back, then strength, and DONT exceed the restrictions because that can stretch out the graft. You want to have this done just ONCE! Feel comforted, the results for people who do the rehab as they are told are excellent! :hug:

Thanks for the advice, Laura!

You are saying just what the surgeon told us. Because she wants to remain as competitive as before, I’m sure that she will follow these instructions.

The main thing right now is pain management. She came out of surgery very upset because of the pain. It was heartbreaking. But, she’s all drugged up on morphine and demerol. She’s feeling a bit better. She’s got a long road ahead of her, but the lessons she’ll learn along the way will be with her for a lifetime.

Thanks again, everyone. What a wonderful support all of you are!

:muah: :muah: :muah:


Sometimes it’s harder to watch our children hurt than it would be to have the hurt ourselves.

Hopefully she’s resting well now and you are able to relax and maybe knit a bit.

Mama Bear

I hope her recovery goes well and that she’ll be back on the soccer field better than before! :hug:

Well, I actually took a mid-term (using her laptop) during her surgery. I finished the exam after she got into her room. I’ve been trying to keep up with my work and personal email…

But, when dd wanted her laptop to start im’ing friends, I did pull out my knitting. I got a few rounds of my latest sock done.