OT - Damn you Sarah Jessica Parker!

So I was watching tv last night and saw, yet again, Sarah J. Parker taunting me with her lovely hair color commercial. I Jumped up and said “I’ve got to get me some of that”! I’ve been sick of my dark brown hair for a while but for some reason she threw me over the edge. I went to Kroger and picked up a dark blonde on sale. My hair is now a lovely shade of light brown/red. I really like it. Of course this means I will have to keep coloring it from now till the end of time or it will look terrible. And with all that coloring it will look terrible in about 6 months anyway. Yeah, thanks alot “Carrie”. :doh:

Pictures…and you don’t have to keep coloring it, you could just let it grow out. Or wear a wig. Or put kool-aid in it. :rofling:

:smiley: Yes, u must supply pics since u told us u changed the color…u know we are all very visual :smiley:
LOL, I’ve not changed my hair color since I was 20 & dyed my hair a bright yellow :roflhard: :rofling: but, as grays begin to pop in…I may be doing the same thing shortly :wink:

Boy, you guys are brave! I don’t think that the change is so much that a picture would even show up. I’m just concerned about roots. If I were about 15 years yonger I may have considered the bright color route althought I know my family wouldn’t have been impressed at all.

I’m letting my highlights grow out because I just don’t want to spend the money anymore. I got some temporary color that lasts for a month and it helped a lot. It’s been over a month and it still looks pretty blended.

At 53 I really don’t have too much gray, but we’ll see how it looks when it’s all grown out. I may run screaming back to the salon. :roflhard:

I dyed mine red about a year and a half ago but never got around to re-dying it when the roots started to show. Eventually, the red faded enough that no one remarks on it.

I’m 51 and I know I have silver temples!! But I do color my hair and I really like how it looks. I use Hydrance and its not harsh or strong. It “gently” fades and there are no obvious roots that way. Two days after I color it my dd gives me blonde highlights. I get the highlights about every second time I color. Works out well for me. I’m not ready to go gray. :happydance:

I have been going through haircolor horrors too lately - up until a few years ago, my hair was very short - when I broke up with exboyfriend, went through mid-life crisis and started growing it out longer…well I was doing the highlight thing but it just got so darned…EXPENSIVE! Plus a big time consumer - so last fall I started trying to color myself. Well…it always looks GREAT when you first do it, but then it just looks so blah after 3 weeks. Plus it starts to feel crunchy or whatever. Last hair cut we decided we are going to put some lowlights in - and kind of bring it back to reality.

Its a slippery road!

I think it has a lot to do with my job, but my hair, at 48yrs, is probably 75% gray, or as I prefer to call it…silver! A couple years ago, I was on vacation for a month in the summer and I let it grow out and got it cut shorter than normal before returning to work so there would be no dye left in my hair. Well, I kept it like that for about four months. Then, one night I asked my husband what he thought of my hair being so gray…you don’t want to know, said he…yes I do, tell me…well, if you really want to know, you remind me of my mother!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: Needless to say, we went promptly to the drugstore and that was the last time I didn’t dye my hair!

pat…who is still brave enough to ask her husband things like this!

Holy cow, Pat! :shock: On the one hand I think husband should be more considerate, but on the other if it really bothers them and it’s something like looking like their mother, well I guess you gotta know. My husband can’t say much…he has almost no hair and what he has is white! :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: I haven’t seen my true color since hmm… I was like a junior in H.S. its starting to show again :rofling:

Last winter I decided I wanted black with red accents (baiscally I stay in the blondes/light browns) it was awful and the red stuff was some kinda glimmer that no matter what color I put on it the red came through it was a mess my skin tone just couldn’t handle the black… I finally had to go get professional help to get the red out but they couldn’t so I was multi colored for a bit but it was kinda the style last spring… I’ve only dyed it once since then and stayed with a color close to my natural but it gave it highlights… now its growing out but the difference isn’t very noticeable I keep getting the urge to redye but dh talks me out of it :rofling: I had hair down my back and I got it all cut off and got all the dead frizzy off from last winter it really ruined my hair all the colors I tried to use to cover it up… learned my lesson… I think :shifty: although I do know all the money I thought I was saving by redying the dark was a waste and in the end I would have been better off to go straight to a beauty saloon… :lol:

I have dark brown hair, but on a trip to France a couple years ago, I decided on a whim to get some highlights weaved in. I loved them so much, I kept it up until recently. I quit my job and moved and just couldn’t justify $120 for a cut and weave every 6-8 weeks, since DH is now the sole breadwinner. He says I can get it done if I want or I can let my natural hair grow back out. He’s a sweetie! But, I have decided to go back to brown hair for now. [size=1]Besides, that’s more I can spend on yarn without feeling guilty![/size]

Well, I need to do a little something, as the grey monsters have started to take over. I just wish I could find a wash that was the same color as my hair that wouldnt destroy it.

The biggest problem I have with the highlights - is its like you have roots to begin with because of the foil. Its kind of a self-perpetuating thing in my book. You get the highlights and then you get re-highlighted 8 weeks later because it looks crappy.

I’ve colored at home for years; too cheap to pay a salon and besides, I just love going to the beauty supply place and wandering through all the products. I’m tempted to let the real thing grow out just to see how gray I really am. My mom had beautiful silvery-steely-gray hair. I don’t think I’d be as fortunate.

My DD was blond/highlighted for years (we started in middle school because her natural color is so flat like her dad’s) and then because it was $150+ and she decided she couldn’t afford it (really long hair) she’s dyed it dark,dark,dark brown. Ugh! I hate it. She was so pretty as a blond but this dark hair is so “goth” Even my husband is willing to pop for the cost. She’s graduating from college next month with a degree in broadcast journalism and I think she’d find a job faster as a blond. They seem to gravitate to blonds.

I’ve been able to resist Sarah Jessica Parker, but Teri Hatcher has been taunting me lately… But, I’ve resisted thus far because haircolor oxidizes on my hair, even the more gentle haircolors–not sure why. So if I color, I either have to have patience enough to let the dull orange ick grow out, or keep coloring until the end of time. My gray hairs (multiplying exponentially every day) are pretty resistant to color–they hold it about a week, even if the haircolor is permanent. Coloring to hide them isn’t even worth the effort. So all told, it’s not worth it for me, though I do miss playing with haircolor. I’ll just live vicariously through those of you who do!

This is so funny cause last week I picked up a box of Dark Blonde. DD10 was with me when I went to get some color and she thought it’d be cool if I had the same color as her. :rollseyes: I’ve got dark brown hair and DH (white blonde), and DD and DS both have blonde hair.

Well, it is lighter but not near as light as I was afraid it was going to be. :shock: Maybe I’ll try a little lighter for the summer.

Last year DD said to her friends mom, “Oh, did you just color your hair!” I was like :doh:, then said she sees me do mine. The other mom didn’t care and just laughed.

Well, it is lighter but not near as light as I was afraid it was going to be. Shocked Maybe I’ll try a little lighter for the summer.

Uh-oh, you’re hooked. :lol:

I keep wanting to dye my hair (sorry…I can’t say “color.” I’m the same with saying I PLUCK my eyebrows instead of “tweasing.” :roflhard: ), but I can’t make myself do it because I don’t want to be dying for eternity and I don’t want to just chop all my hair off (I’m trying to grow it out and it’s painfully boring!). Besides, my friends like to threaten me every time I mention going brown. :rollseyes:

I guess we all have the same issues, don’t we!! I have high-lighted my hair myself for a few years–I like that better than the "all-over"colors on the market–that I’ve tried anyway!! I’ve never had my hair colored professionally–I don’t have the money to get it done in a salon–shoot–sometimes I even CUT my own hair (yes…it IS scary!!). A lot of the women in my choir commented that they liked the blond highlights–my hair is medium brown-. But, now, I am thinking about letting it go gray and whatever color it is , IT IS!! Darn it–I’m 56 years old, and I’m getting more tired of “doing” every year!! I’ve gone to wearing just a light powder base make-up and a little mascara and lipstick except for very special “picture-taking” occasions. I’m very hot natured, and I can’t stand a lot of make-up dripping off my face! A friend of mine just had this conversation last week–about how much hair-coloring we are going to continue to do in the coming years. (I really don’t WANT blue hair!) :shock:

So will I still high-light? Probably!! :smiley: But maybe I’ll get nerve enough to just go gray like “nature” intends.

Good for you! Its good to do something spur of the moment.
But you really must post pics :smiley:

As for all you 50 something talking about greys - I started going grey at 23. :shock:
And at 38 i still have acne. How is that for a pretty picture -
You know the commercial “your mothers grey hair, your daughters acne” thats me!

But I just noticed there are some new 8 week hair colors I might try. I really hate the idea of being bound to maintaining roots