OT: D(ang)H makes me so MAD!

Okay, I’ve been gone for about a week and apparently I’ve missed A LOT…all of which I’d love to comment on. ('Specially the bananas :roflhard: )

But for now, I need to vent about DH (use whatever negative adjective starting with “d” there)! Okay, he sells stuff on eBay and has done the abominable…he’s used my and his brother’s eBay accounts to shill bid. (Don’t worry, I had no clue what that meant until I got the suspension notice from eBay.) Apparently, he was using our accounts to bid on his items to get the price up :shock: And now, both I and his brother are suspended from eBay for a week!!! Can we say I’m P’d???

Oh well, at least I had just paid for everything I was gonna buy…and he’s reeeeeally suckin up to me now :wink:

[size=6]BAD!!! BAD DH!!![/size] :mad:

[size=2]I always wondered if people did that…[/size]

And you know what the worst part is? When I told him, he was just like, “Oh, that sux. Well do you want me to bid on anything for you?” (He’s not suspended somehow.)


:frowning: I won’t call him names (cuz hes your DH, not mine :slight_smile: ) but I see why you’re mad. Reputation is everything on ebay.

I didn’t know that was possible, although it does make sense now that you’ve explained it…I would never have thought of it. Shame on DH, send him to be without supper, for sure :mad:

:frowning: And reputation is everything on ebay… :frowning:

How did ebay find out tho? I’m almost certain there are sellers that have done that to me.

Hmm, I think he’ll be sent to bed without a lot more than that. For a week! I’m still fuming over it!

I wonder how I should work this payback though…maybe dinner and a movie. :thinking:

Any ideas?

i’ve heard of that. but the way i heard it done is if the price wasn’t high enogh end the auction was almost over then get a friend to bid on it to keep the other from getting it then when the friend wind put it up for acution again.

but yeah shame on him. luckily its only for a week!



:shock: Sorry was I loud?



I also have a D(arn)H story. I am almost done with my cardigan. I just needed to finish the right front panel and then put it together. I had it sitting on the bed. I got called into work that night and forgot all about it. DH carelessly flung the blankets back off the bed and my needles flew off. The needle somehow slipped OUT!!. But that’s not the worst. He just left it on the floor and my dog decided that she was going to spread all the loose yarn from one end of the house to the other!!! I got home and the guts of my sweater were spread everywhere and all DH could say was “I’m sure you could find the stitches again.”

Yeah, after the dog frogged it almost to the beginning!!!

Chanting: [size=2][/size]For better or worse…for better or worse…for better or worse…


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I was just talking to a friend last night about how much work marriage is, and how sometimes you really just have to grit your teeth and push through. But seriously, sometimes I think I’m gonna grind my teeth to nothin!

OHHH!! you poor girls!! I would be sooooo stinkin mad if either of those happened to me!

Usually though when the dog has gotten ahold of my knitting, it’s my own darn fault. :roflhard:

I am making an appt. with the dentist this very moment for a mouth guard to protect those precious molars. They won’t last the next 50 years at this rate :rollseyes:

I totally understand the feeling! Ahh how wonderful is :heart:


:roflhard: :roflhard:
That happens to me too, but I am not about to start a thread berating myself HELLOOOO! DH is just the perfect scapegoat b/c he is oblivious to all things yarn. Plus, guilt is a great tool to add to my never-quite big-enough yarn stash… :devil:

:XX: April

Oh, you’re Good!

Ohhhhhh, I would be FUMING over BOTH of those instances. That’s just terrible!

ohhh dh would have one hot dw if either of those had happened to me and he didn’t get suspended?? :rollseyes:

I’m really surprised he didn’t get suspended too!

That is all wrong bek. It is such a violation of your identity and I have to stop here. I’m really sorry. There would be no amount of yarn or sucking up to atone for what he did. :frowning: