OT: CUTE Animal pics

Some are edited, some aren’t, but they’re cute… and some are surprising!! :shock:

Love the pics Silver… I passed them on to all of my friends!
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Im leavin those up for my DH…he’ll LOVE those! Thanks, Sil!

Those are GREAT! I love the mamas and their babies–especially that giraffe. :heart:

ummm is no one going to mention the expilit (sp) ones. i’m sittin there lookin at them with my son and he sees the orangatang gettin it one on the down low and about has a fit. i want to know how he knows what they are doing! and whats up with the bunny and the chicken? :shock:

n~e~way i thought the baby piggy, kitten, and ducklings were cute!

I love the tropical fish one! Check out the reflections of the kids’ faces in the glass!!!

mouse in the cheese is funny too!

did u know they inject them with dye to get them that color…they don’t live long from what i hear. i’ve never seen parrot fish like that but they do it to Oscar fish which are in the same family.

cool none the less

Too funny!

But that one of the little baby orangutan pinching his mom’s nip makes me cringe! OUCH!!!

I think my favorite is the polar bear with his head on the ice. You can almost hear him saying “I LUUUUV ICE”. LOL

Its hard to choose a favorite…but I LOVED the article about the horse and the cat…Inter-species relationships just warm my widdle heart!

I also LOVED the meerkat!

So do birds breath come out all frosty like that or is that an optical illusion with clouds? (Or just a manipulated image with photoshop or something)

That’s one of those tough birds. He smokes.

I liked the brave cat with all the dogs. Talk about gumption.

I’ve seen that picture before with the caption of “Final Exam at the Police Dog Academy”

KellyK could put a pic of Howie in there… :shifty:

Howie says THANKS, Beld! :mrgreen:

That’s one of those tough birds. He smokes.[/quote]

:roflhard: Ingrid, you are constantly cracking me up. :heart:

Silver, these pictures are so fun!

Love the horse and cat. Love the ducklings crossing the highway with all the cars waiting. :heart: Makes me think good things of the world. :sunny:
The leapord on the jeep is great, love the laughing woman in the jeep.

The kangaroo one in the supermarket is hysterical in concept. That’s got to be one of the photo edited ones. Obviously the cat covering the beagle’s eyes is.

Eeeeew, those monkies at the bottom grossed me out. Bleck!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I made a mistake. I should have said he’s one of those tough Boids.

“Eh! Tweetie! Gotta lite?”


[size=2]…“an’ if that Sylvester comes around again, you jus’ lemme know. I can take care o’ him. Know what I’m sayin’?”[/size] :sunglasses: