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I’ve had enough now. :grrr:

That and Ms. Spears.

Where is that puking emoticon???

[color=blue]Ditto here… :pout: . let her rest.

anne [/color]

Its really getting to be too much. The first day…ok, the second…maybe, the 143,562,785 day…I’m sooo over it!

I’ve been sick of Anna Nicole Smith since her first husband died.

I hate celebrity “news.” It’s not news, it’s not important, and is taking valuable airtime away from REAL stories about the world around us–real stories that actually matter.

Until people start demanding better from the news organizations this is what they are going to get. If this is what gets people to watch the “news” this is what they are going to air. :shrug:

That’s why I don’t watch the news. I get my news from the internet (usually the New York Times, but not exclusively.)

At least then I can skip fluff pieces if I want to.

my office has honestly been worse than a bunch of gossiping fourth graders with all this and I am shocked and appalled and faintly disillusioned.

My office was really bad too when it happened…I couldn’t believe that all of these educated people, most of whom are doctors, were standing around talking about this!

All this media attention is just crazy. There are so many other IMPORTANT things that don’t get enough coverage.

But here is an article about the situation that I think is right on the mark- so I recommend you read it, it’s about the public response more than Anna Nicole.


ETA: It’s pretty blunt article, so some mind find it offensive- but I do not intend to offend anyone here- just to make people think.

we had a couple people write in to our local paper to say that the pic of brittney’s shaved head should at the very least been in the “entertainment” section and not on the front page if in the paper at all. The reaction from the “editor” of the paper is that although it may not be great news, it’s news nonetheless and thus timely and appropriate for the front. Bull! I am seriously tired of it and am close to not buying the paper anymore… :wall:
I am not totally heartless, i feel bad when anyone dies…but let her rest. I am sad for her daughter. However, what, if anything have Paris, Lindsay, Brittany or any of them ever done for society? NOTHING!
And those celebs that do some humanitarian things, that is great, but there is a line between doing your good and having the whole world see your good. Do it and move on…don’t try to put your name on everything. If I were famous, I would give my money to an organization or start one and make someone else lead it so they get the accolades and attention. It would do my heart more good to see a cause excell and know only in my heart that I had something to do with it.
I can’t stand to watch a lot of stuff anymore, it’s all about reality and crap, who’s yelling at who in the motor cycle shop, who made fun of who’s lack of talent on stage, which starlet’s naked butt was caught on film… I feel my blood pressure go up within minutes and I then wonder why i am so full of anxiety all the time. soooo, i watch food network or tvland…

YES!!! Thank god for the mute button!! :ick:

Dusti –

I just had a good snicker as I’m sitting here watching Iron Chef. :lol: It’s about the only network I can really feel “safe” on anymore.

I have to admit, though, I take guilty pleasure in watching American Idol. It’s not that I like to see those w/out talent demeaned. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen the audition weeks before this year, and I don’t think I’ll do that again. It made me really uncomfortable. There were people who obviously had some serious personality disorders or at least some very sad social skills, and to see them ridiculed was a bit more than I could bear. Isn’t that what we try to teach our children NOT to do? :pout:

Anyway, I don’t consider the airing of ANYONE’s dirty laundry to be news. And, yes, just because a person has managed to worm their way into the public eye does not make their opinion or actions any more important than the guy down the street who volunteers at the local food shelter, donates to the local homeless shelter, or organizes fundraisers to benefit people 1/2 a world away. These are the people who generally have to sacrifice so much more in order to accomplish these things.

All that said, I’m sure there ARE public figures who are honest and worthy and altruistic. It’s just hard to know.

YES!!! Thank god for the mute button!! :ick:[/quote]

Amen to that. :lol:

DotMom, that’s THE reason I can’t watch American Idol. I watched one of the audition episodes once, almost threw the remote through the tv, and then had to go cry. :roll:

I would have only cared to be in the know that she died. Other than that, I’m fine. I also agree about Ms Spears. The media needs to stop chomping at the bit. Leave the people alone, geez. What’s the big deal about someone shaving their head? I don’t get it. Who cares besides the actual people living life.

And Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Christina what-ever-her-last-name-is, etal. I’m sick of all of them :ick: I don’t know why people even care what these morons do. People need to get lives.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I was surprised when I heard she died then again I wasn’t.

Of course she wanted to be buried next to her SON!!! Her mother can’t possibly think she wanted to be buried in Texas while her son’s body is in the Bahamas. :!!!:

Generally speaking, you’re going to more meaningfully informed if you randomly pick any one article off common dreams than if you watch an hour of any of the major news channels.

I watched Bill O’Reilley’s show around a month ago (no, I would not normally do so, but Steven Colbert was his guest.) The thing that most struck me, other than O’Reilley’s oozing reptilian arrogance, was that he said to Colbert “You know, more and more, you hear young people saying they get their news from you and Jon Stewart, instead of real news sources like Fox News and CNN.” And he was serious!

It seems like the mainstream media think that all they have to do about their gaping void of real news is have Howard Kurtz on a talk show for ten minutes to lament the decline of TV news quality, wring their hand a little bit - and then move on the the next pop-culture paparazzi blitz. Somehow, they think that if they say every now and then “Yeah, we’re pretty bad,” it makes it OK to be so bad.

If the FCC was concerned about “public decency” they would do something about this instead of a wayward mammary at an event that is already the epitome of sexualized materialism.

This nonsense makes me want to forswear the riches (hey I can dream, shush) of a professional career and teach high school. SOMETHING has to be done about this.