OT - Crummy day

Anybody else out there having a crummy day today? :verysad: I don’t get them very often, but today is kind of bad. I guess I’m feeling sorry for myself…kind of feeling dejected. Anybody got any good news to share?

((((Cookworm)))) I’m sorry you are having a no good very bad day.

My day is as much fun as cleaning a house can be. Average.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

This sounds like the perfect excuse . . . erm, I mean “reason” . … to buy yarn! It’ll cheer you up!

This sounds like the perfect excuse . . . erm, I mean “reason” . … to buy yarn! It’ll cheer you up!

You need some yarn porn.

I agree with Quiarra!!!

Sorry you’re having a crappy day. :pout: I’m actually having a good day I know that makes you want to :violin: but maybe the good vibes will wear off?

:hug: aww, hang in there, cookworm. :hug:

I’m washing windows…not a thrilling day, but I guess not a bad one either…hope your day improves. :muah:

I just got some good news last night…my breeder informed me that her pregnant dog is going to have six puppies between now and next week? Does that make sense? Hopefully there will be a female or two in the litter.


My knitting friends!!! :muah: :heart: :muah: :heart: :muah: :hug: :hug:

Pixy, I liked your porn…! :drool: :teehee:

Okay, housework isn’t a “good day” per se (I got to agree there!)…I need to do my housework; that’s kind of part of why I’m bummed out (actually, too much time spent knitting–bad cookworm!).

I just got some bad health news and I’m kind of upset. I know it’ll get better. I just needed some sympathy I guess (sitting up on the pity wagon).

Yay, Coastie!!! :cheering: What kind of dogs are they?

Oh Cookworm,

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: .

Housework sucks, LOL.

That’s right it will get better. I know when we first get news its usually a bit of a shock. Bless your heart! Do you need to talk about it?

heh, your welcome for the porn, I need to take it outside to get its true beauty!

Cookworm…you should have told us right off it wasn’t just a regular bad day, but that you had a specific worry…sorry…I hope knowing we’re all reading this and thinking about you will lighten the fret load.

They are little cairn terriers… here is a picture of the mommy… :muah:

Hilde, it always makes me feel better when somebody has great news to share–I’m glad you’re having a good day! :hug:

Pixy, housework DOES suck!!! :ick: I’ve put it off for as long as I possibly can (at least everbody has clean laundry finally!) :teehee:

I’m okay; thanks. :heart: I have Crohn’s disease and have some problems that I thought I had overcome, but seems like I may have to go through them again (maybe some surgery). I was just disgusted and frustrated is all. But I feel better now, thanks to your porn! :teehee: and thanks for everybody’s kind posts and thoughts.

Coastie, Cairns are just ADORABLE!!! What a cutie puppy!!!

Thanks, Old Knitter…it DOES lighten the fret load A LOT. Sometimes you feel like nobody cares, you know? :pout:

I’m sorry about your bad day and bad news…I’m sending you lots of :muah: and :hug: and I will certainly remember you in my prayers.
I do so hope that you don’t have to have surgery, from one who has had many, I know that surgery isn’t fun at all!
I must agree, why not do some yarn shopping?! I say that, having not had such a great day myself and am not able to go yarn shopping…but perhaps you can! My shopping today was for a walker after I left the doc’s office…I would much rather have gotten yarn :cheering:
Let’s see…I am posting a photo or 2 that perhaps will put a smile on your face :teehee:

Thanks Rebecca…too cute pix! I’m sorry to hear about your bad news today. :hug: :heart:

Well, I got a little bit of housework accomplished…I’d much rather be knitting (that goes without saying!), but it needs to be done pretty badly. My twin sister and I are going to go out for a LONG OVERDUE day out Saturday hopefully, so I will focus on that. We’ll have a fun time…we always do. It’s like being with “Lucy and Ethel”!!! :eyebrow:

I hope you start feeling better soon, Cookworm! Just think about all the fun you’ll have with your sister on Saturday! :hug:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Lots of hugs for you!