OT: Creepy

I went to the store today with little phia. While their this guy comes up to me looks at Phia and tells me how pretty she is and what a luck mom I am. I said thanks and went on with my shopping. He then asks if I have a hubby. Yup I tell him happily. He again tells me how beautiful my baby is and goes on to say that if he were my hubby he wouldn’t let me or phia out of the house. I can handle when a guy hits on me (doesn’t happen as often anymore but you know smile and go on) but him including phia in the banter and following me while I shop (walking away and not looking at him was not hint enough apparently) was just creepy. I told DH that he had to go shopping with me next time or I was going to the more expensive store. blech
Anyway I just had to share that creepiness today :?eyebrow:

:shock: Yeah, a bit creepy, indeed!!!

Yikes! :shock: Did he leave on his own and did you see him leave? He wasn’t watching you was he? That really is creepy!

:shock: That is scary!

Mintdee, call the police. Get it on record ASAP. This guy is trouble looking for a place to happen.

I’m a 911 operator and I found that disturbing as hell. :frowning: It probably will never happen to you again but that is frightening. He could be on drugs or he could be mentally ill. Or, he’s just a social misfit. You could notify the police but if I were you, I would call the store management. This way they can call the police if they see him come in again and start bothering someone else. I’m sure they wouldn’t want that stuff happening in the store.

I agree with Nikki call the police! The way he was following you and Phia around doesn’t sound right.

Well obviously I wasn’t off thinking it was creepy. I don’t think that he followed me after that but I don’t know. I definalty will be keeping the old hubby with me next time. Durn weirdos.

It is creepy and has happened to me a few times when my oldest son was in kindergarten I use to walk him to school and the garbage men use to hoot and holler at my son would ask me why they were doing that and I would say "They are just being rude ignore them"then one day I turned to look as my 5 year old was flipping them the bird!!!I asked him were he learned it and he said his friend Jake told him it was the golden finger and you use it when people are being rude I almost died but they never did it again!!! It is unbelievable what some guys think is ok to do I have also had men ask my son for our phone number!

They would hoot and holler at me not my son!! :doh:

This is so :roflhard: on one hand but still creppy. What is WRONG with some men??

As soon as you figure that out… let me know… I’m still trying to understand some men…

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I would definitely say something to the store management and not to some young clerk there. And if he ever tries that again, say in a very loud voice, “Stop following me.”

Once at a public place where there were lots of school children on fieldtrips, I watched an older man stand behind the children justwatching them. I thought it creepy and then his hand went in his pants and I immediately ran to the staff, but they were so young and naive. They didn’t see what I saw him doing (I think he was aware of us), but believed I was truthful, yet all they did was follow him around until he left. I didn’t want to confront him myself. This was pre-cellphone days.

I’ve always thought, if it bothers you, then go with your gut. I had a guy get a little too close for comfort when I was about 19 and spending the summer with my Aunt in Phoenix. She lived in a condo association with a pool and I went for a swim in the a.m. Luckily there was another older couple sitting by the pool so I wasn’t alone, but he was probably in his 40s and kept wanting to talk to me and followed me around the pool while I paddled around. I made what I thought was a gracious getaway because I felt so uncomfortable the way he was looking me over. I immediately went back to my Aunt’s condo and told her about it and unfortunately she poo-poo’d it saying I was just paranoid being from a small town. I was kinda hurt that she was that jaded. being she was from a smaller town than I am. :?? :crying:

Guys, I put in lots of hours doing volunteer rape couseling when I was working. 90% of those women could have saved themselves if they had only reacted to what their brains/bodies were telling them.

[size=6]IF IT FEELS CREEPY or WRONG, IT IS!!![/size]

Get yourself safe is the first rule. Call the police and let them talk to the store with you. There are so many problem people in our world now. AND don’t let your guard down because it’s a woman speaking to you or your children/grandchildren and making you feel uneasy. Predators have been known to be a) women or b) women helping men.

Please be safe out there,