OT: Countdown to Harry Potter book 7

I see there might be a helpline for people, because two main characters will die. Have we gotten so involved with this story that we need a helpline?

i am kind of afraid to read it, cause i don’t know who will die. that last one was a major shock, not sure if i can take anymore :teehee: i know of some people who will need a helpline, but i don’t think i am one of them.

I’m afraid to read it too. I work in a library so I think I will let others read it first. If I hear who dies and it’s my favorite characters, I probably won’t read it. I’ll just ask about the answers to all those unanswered questions we all have.

yes, we have. :pout:

i read the first one in 1999. i finished #6 before we moved away from LA. the night i finished it, i drew a hot bath and sobbed*.

*[size=2]this is atypical. my DH has long referred to me as non-emotional, as in a non-cryer, non-pitier type. but i guess i have a soft spot for bearded old men… :?? :teehee:[/size]

Oh, I cannot wait for the book to come out. And, yeah, I’m nervous about the deaths. And you just know it’s gonna be everyone’s favorite characters, and it’s going to be so angsty.

I love this series, and I am really looking forward to the next book too. It’s a battle between good and evil, and people die in battles like that.
That has been JK Rowling’s gift, she has made these characters so real and alive, that people mourn them when they die.

I have list of three people that I really want to make it alive. Unfortunatley, the chanses are NOT good :pout:

pets Minerva, Remus and Snape My dahlings! :verysad:

Well, one of the deaths has definitely got to be Lord Moldyshorts, so that’s one down. We only have to worry about one favorite character. (Of course, if your favorite character IS Tommy M. Riddle, we’ve got other issues…)

I’m holding out for my beloved Remus Lupin, Tonks, Neville, and the Weasleys.

Can we post theories about what we think will happen, or will that be spoiling the people who haven’t read all the books?

i would think as long as “possible spoilers” was added to the title, we would be fine :shrug:

I would Liketo think that Harry will be head of Hogwarts. Dumbledore himself talked about how mature Harry is and how smart and brave, even more than anyone he knew with more age and wisdom. I feel like that was a hint that Harry would take over as the main figure at Hogwarts. That’s just my hope. He will marry Ginnie and have little Hoglets.

I think Snape will die, but scared of who the other will be, besides Lord Moldyshorts (LOL@psammeadread)

Mrs. Desert Rain, I have never become so emotional reading a book either but I even cried in book 4! And seeing the movie I really boo hooed.
Okay, my prediction done.

My husband and I love these books!

I can read super fast… I read book 6 in 1 day…

Anyhow… then my husband reads the book. He was yelling at me the whole time not to tell him… Every single time I walked into a room he was in… “DON’ T TELL”

[Normally I’ll do something like… okay, with Eragon, for example, I told him to pay really close attention to the part with the Elephant because it was very important to the plot. Those of you who have read it know there is NO elephant. That got me a smack for being smart. Sometimes I DO give away something because it is just too much for me to contain…]

So maybe I would need the hotline, just so I wouldn’t have my husband out to get me because I “ruined” the book :roflhard:

Err… I should be clear here… by smack, I’m not talking abuse or something similar…

I think that we can be fairly sure that Voldemort will be one of the characters to die and my wish (just 'cause I don’t want it to be Remus, any of the Weasley’s, the Trio, or Neville) for the second character to die will be Snape, as he saves Harry or something along those lines.
Oh, I can’t belive there isn’t going to be another book after this one. :pout:

My Predictions are:

-Harry will have to die in order to kill Voldemort. (you know the whole martyr, sacrifice thing)

-possibly hermione or Ron will die to save the other. (how romantic)

I also really really hope hagrid dies. everyone hates when I say this, but I just cannot stand hagrid. when I reread the books i skip over the parts that are mostly about him.

Well my friends and I have been discussing it at great length over the last few years (much to the chagrin of Dustina I think :teehee:) and I think we may have come to the conclusion that the last of Voldemort’s horcrux will be in he scar on Harry’s forhead and that in order for him to die Harry will have to as well.

I do know that it is very likely that I will not be out of Barnes and Noble’s parking lot before I know whether or not Harry survives it. :roll:

Um, I haven’t read the book but wanted to. Thanks for the tip about the elephant! :nails:


I am quite possibly one of the biggest Harry Potter geeks…errr I mean fans out there!
I think Voldemort has to die. I hope Harry doesn’t but it seems likely so that other stories won’t be written later ( Like, Scarlett the sequel to Gone with the Wind). I really want the Weasleys esp Ginny to make it out alive. Have you all seen the stickers they are giving out w/ preorders? Snape is good or Snape is evil! I am still not sure which I would choose! There are interesting arguments for both sides.
I am pretty sure I read somewhere that JK said Harry’s scar was not the horicrux since they are all inanimate objects.

July 21st can’t come soon enough for me!!

I’m hoping that Snape will sacrifice himself to save Harry, so he and Voldemort will die. None of the kids should die…that would be just wrong…

also, i’m thinking it makes sense for snape to save harry or be good in the end eventually. Jo would want her books to have a moral of forgiveness and second chances. i don’t think it makes sense for dumbledore to have been wrong… it just doesn’t work ina children’s novel.
although i would ove it if snape was just pure evil. no redemption, no nothing

I just can’t wait. I’m taking the day after as a vacation day so I can read it… my boss is too.

Senerio 1:
Harry & Voldemart will die along with Professor Mc Gonagall :crying: . Snape will try to save them, but will fail. He’ll also take over as Head Master of Hogwarts. Hagrid shall be cleared of any wrong doing and allowed to practice magic. Dumbledore is not dead (My wishful thinking). Wasn’t he a transfiguation professor many years ago? Isn’t Dumbledore’s Patronus a phoenix? Fawkes is a phoenix, & according to Rowlings, will appear in book 7.

Senerio 2:

Draco will die trying to save Harry. Of course Voldemart will die due to the horcrux. Snape shall be named Head Master of Hogwarts due to selfishly attempting to save Harry from death along with our other favorite characters. Dumbledore is not dead (my wishful thinking). Wasn’t he a transfiguation professor many years ago? Isn’t Dumbledore’s Patronus a phoenix? Fawkes is a phoenix. & according to Rowlings, will appear in book 7.

We are such Hogwarts fans at our house and have not one, not two, but SIX sets of books–3 sets of American 1st editions & 3 sets of UK editions.

I don’t want the series to end. :verysad: My name is Compulsive and I’m addicted to everything Harry Potter. Anyone up for a butter beer?