OT - COOL tool for walkers and runners!

Gmaps Pedometer! I’m having fun figuring out my usual walking routes. :lol:

Yah, this is how I plan my routes for my runs…I’m training for the NYC marathon and running routes in Brooklyn are pretty scarce.

:wall: Maybe because its friday morning and I have only had 1/2 a coffee but I can’t seem to make it work … I wanted to see how far I run … :crying:

I guess I just have to keep trying!

It took me a couple of minutes (and more coffee) to get the hang of it. Check out the usage instructions if you’re not getting anywhere.

What a great tool–got it bookmarked along with my regular routes. Thanks for posting about it!

Wave to my father in November… he’s also training for the marathon (his first - he’s done a half-marathon, so far)! :thumbsup: (I’m in awe of all of you who are… no way in a million years could I do that…)

Once you get the right area click “start recording” and then double click around the path you want. When you get to the end you can see on the left how far it is and save it if you want.

Wow Jan…that totally rocks! I can’t believe I haven’t seen that before.