OT - cool stamps

How cool is this? OMGosh, I totally see some obnoxiously cute holiday stamps in the near future…



I saw that a while ago and totally thought of getting all my stamps from now on that way! It would be great for the holidays especially.

i know i love these and oooooooooooh the fun i could have…heh

wonder how much everybody would love getting “walmart sux” on their christmas card?

okay even i can’t do that…lol

I thought this would be a great idea. Heck, you pay for postage, why not have some creative license?

On that note… i had some christmas stamps left over that i forgot about and used them on some halloween cards i sent out… people will think i’m such a dork… as usualll

I dare ya!!! :roflhard:

I saw this awhile ago and wanna try it… just gotta get that great picture of the kids together… usually one is screaming or neither are looking at me… :smiley:

VERY interesting GS… At first I wasnt sure what to make of it because the post office has typically had a rule that anyone on a stamp couldnt be alive so I was a little leary… did some checking and its definately legit…

Apparently the PO is making some changes… even if they are 3rd party vendors.

Very cool find! I’m going to have to show this one to the wife.