OT - cooking falafel

Can anybody tell me why whenever I try to make falafel, that it is crumbly and doesn’t want to stick together to form either patties or balls? I use dried then soaked chickpeas to do it (not canned) and then I grind them. Is it possible my mixture is too moist? I don’t want to add any eggs to this as a binder, so I need another solution.

Could be not enough oil. :shrug: Also, are you deep frying them?

Oh, I love them!!!

I always take dried chickpeas, soaked for more than 12 hours.

After grind them I add the spices and 8 tablespoons flour (for 400 g dried chickpeas) - did you add flour to your mixture?

I will be–I can’t even get them to stick together to form the patties or balls at this point, so I’m afraid that once they hit the oil, they’ll disintegrate! :verysad:

No–I didn’t. The recipe I have doesn’t say to add flour, so I didn’t, but I’ll bet that will make all the difference–thank you!!! :muah:


good luck. If it works out, give us your recipe