OT -- computer question

My new computer has arrived! Yeah! One problem, I didn’t buy a new printer, and it seems like the connection from my printer won’t work with my new computer. If I have the terminology correct, the connections on my new computer are for a serial (sp?) cable, and my existing printer has a long connector (with the 2 screws on either side). Can you buy some sort of converter? It didn’t even occur to me that there wouldn’t be a connector for my printer :?? I’m feeling very DUH right now! Maybe it is too late for me to be messing with this

You should be able to get the proper connections. Go to someplace like CompUSA and ask about it. If the printer is really old you may have a problem though.

first off… what type of computer do you have? and what type of printer do you have?

believe me… I’m a computer freak :rollseyes:

Yeah, it’s hard to tell unless we know what kind of printer you have. If your printer is old, it might not be compatable with a new computer. Or, depending on the make of the printer, you can check either CompUSA (and ask them if there are converters), or the website of the Printer company itself and see if they make converted cords.

I think my printer is just plain old! It is a HP deskjet 722C. Instead of messing around trying to get it to be compatable with my new Dell, I did a little shopping at Circuit City today for a new printer :smiley: I’m just not up to date with what is a good choice in a printer, and I’ve already spent enough on the computer!! I think I’ll do a little online research.

Thanks for the advice :smiley:

You should be able to purchase an adapter to be able to go from the old printer adapter [with the two screws on it] to go to a USB plug ( which you refered to as the serial plug, a usb plug is the same as you would have on a newer mouse or digital camera).

So what you need is a printer cable to USB adapter. They usually run $10-$15. If your printer is rather old you can generally buy a newer better printer for $100 or less, that you’d be able to print colour digital photos with, if you aren’t able to do that now.

Okay this is just my opinion, but I would stick to HP or Canon. I had an Epson and hated it with a passion. I know some people like them though. :?? Lexmark is one to generally stay away from as well.

Anyhoo…here are some sites to do some research. Not sure what kind of printer you need, but these should help.