OT - Computer Question

I’m tinkering with the idea of getting a new computer, this one is going on 5 years old. It’s a Dell and I will be staying with them. But question, what do I do with this one? Is there a recycle program of sorts. I have no problem giving it away but I would be leery of leaving personal information on it since I’m not all that computer savvy. :hiding:

Do you have kids? We are giving our kids the old one when we get a new one.

Nope, just a dog :happydance:

Google “computer recycling” and you will get a whole bunch of help.

Many years ago we donated an old one to the school system, the last few have gone to family members. I’m not sure how you’d remove sensitive info permanently. :??

Would this be of any help?


(disclaimer: I haven’t read the whole thing)

The other option would be removing the hard drive before giving away your computer… whoever you give it to could probably buy a medium/large harddrive for under $100 - if your computer is only 5 years old it could still be a nice computer for someone that didn’t want to spend the $$$ on a new one.

They used to say, several years ago before the internet really took off here in the UK, that “on the internet, no one knows if you are a dog” - so maybe the Dawg could join KH too! =D

Recently our local GoodWill agency announced that they would take old computers for repair and use, or recycling if it was beyond repair. You might check the various charities in your area to see if they are interested. Good Will gives people jobs and the unusable stuff gets properly recycled. AND… they’ll give you a tax receipt. That’s always good news!

Now, when you order a Dell, they will ask you if you want to recycle your old one. :smiley:

goodwill is a good choice just make sure you clear the junk off!

Re-format the hard-drive before you give it away. This will take all of your sensitive info off and any viruses, so that whoever you give it to will not have to worry about that. However, it will also erase all programs, so they would have to re-install Windows, etc. Unless of course you have the CD and would re-install it for them. To give it away, schools are always great. Or you could check out a freecycle program in your area. Freecycle is an organization that trys to keep things that can be used from ending up in a landfill. I noticed someone in my area on Freecycle wanted a computer, because she homeschools her children, but couldn’t afford a new one. Check out freecycle.org

We Freecycle a lot but I’d probably give it to a firend/co-worker first. My husband’s probably going to flip a lid over the idea of a new computer.

Re-formatting your hard drive does not guarantee your information being ‘lost and gone forever’…

Especially if the user knows what they’re doing.

I would just scrap the HD, or speak to a complete puta geek and get them to do it properly…