OT Commercials I love

My favorites are also the HP ones. I have a TIVO, so I rarely even watch commercials, but because I can’t record from the sattelite and am a reality TV junky and am watching the reruns of Survivor and Amazing Race, I saw one the other night of a realtor showing a couple a house to buy that is just the dumps. The couple are very put off by the whole experience when the realtor tells the husband the best selling point is in the backyard and he takes him outside to show him the beer tree!

I don’t know if any of you watched American Dreams when it was on, but they did one show last Thanksgiving that had no commercials at all that was sponsored by Ford. The show was about JJ, who was the oldest son, returning from the Viet Nam war. At the very end of the show, Ford did a three minute ad that was like a short film of a son coming home from Iraq, his family picking him up, his dad not being there, his mom making excuses for the dad, etc…the dad finally comes as the welcome home party is winding down and the son goes out to see him. Dad had pulled up in a classic mustang and they are remembering about when the son was a teen and how he was not allowed to drive it, but he would sneak out after paying off the little brother not to tell. After all this, the dad opens the garage door and there to welcome the son home is a brand spanking new mustang of his own! My husband and I just bawled. It probably had a lot to do w/our son in law just getting home from Iraq, but I saved that show and watch just that ad from time to time…very heartwarming.


o… i don’t think i’ve seen that one.


Oops! I forgot the link


Here’s Joe Boxer

WT Bleep!

I love the commerical with the guy who’s identify has been stolen…“lifts and seperates”. I don’t know why I find that funny.

My favorite is the the commecial with PING. He clones himself to get more things done. I laughed out loud when he woke his wife up — he says “Good Morning Sleepy Do” and she freaks because he’s in bed with her too (clone or original I’m not sure)
I alos like the Snoop/Chrysler commercial ~ even though I do think he’s a sell out cause Snoop will do anything with anyone for money!

i just saw the Snoop one… it was funny. i don’t think he is a sell out he is a pimp and thats what pimps do… anything for money. duh. they don’t care. :wink: plus i like to see people out of their element and suceeding at it. it shows they are versitle.

Actually------ a pimp is someone who profits from women- From the slang dictionary it means "A pimp is an informal term for a man who runs a brothel or otherwise oversees prostitution. The female counterpart to a pimp is a madam. Typically, a pimp will solicit clients for, protect, and in other ways manage a prostitute in exchange for a commission on her earnings. "

A sellout according to the same dicitonary "is is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability to mainstream society. A person who does this is labelled a sellout. "

If Snoop was a pimp I wouldn’t like him !! I can still appreciate a sellout :thumbsup:

and i’m sure everyone looks in the dictionary when they sterotype someone! :rollseyes: