OT: Color Perception Illusions

These are amazing!!! Especially #3!!

:shock: Cool!

i don’t get it… #3 looks grey and yellow. my DH said that the yellow looked green! what r we looking for?

Bring that top “Mask” down and center the holes in it ove the middle parts of the picture.

crazy man. crazy.

Would I get into a lot of trouble for posting a link to this illusion?

Just an FYI: Based on that statement, it’s highly possible your DH may be color blind. (I’ve tested for color blindness… I’m not. I see grey and yellow.)

A couple facts for everyone:
~ 1 out of 30 guys is color blind.
~ 1 out of 50 girls is color blind.

Most people with color blindness can see most colors. The mono-chromatic color blindness (blacks and whites only) is actually pretty uncommon.

The point of the illusion is (that with a full color spectrum) that #3 cross piece appears to be yellow and grey, when the reality is they are both the same color. They look yellow and grey because of the surrounding colors. If you “drag” the mask over the pics so that only the cross pieces show, they will appear to be the same color.

i did that. i thought it was supposed to be the same color. so i saw yellow and my husband saw green. guess we will have him checked. cause he can’t be working on stuff like colored wires on some ones AC in the dog days of summer and can’t tell what he is looking at!! cause someone is going to get po.

this type of thing, along with those magic eye image scrunch-your-eyes-and-try-to-see-the-hidden-picture always makes me think that there is so much out there that we DON’t see…kinda makes me feel small (in a good way).

I LOVE those squinchy-eye pictures! I was SO SO SOOO excited the first time I was able to see the images! Now, I can do it almost immediately…I cant be wearing my glasses, though…

Too cool dude!


dude… this is like… whoa… like, what if we’re all really the same color? It’s like, society man… we’re brainwashed, man… like we’re all the same but it’s different…duhuhuuhuhuuuuuude

Dude…you’re BLOWIN my FREAKIN MINNNND! :shock: