OT: Christmas cards Poll?

Thought this might be an interesting Christmas poll.

I usually do but the last couple of years i have not been able to get interested in it. so only a few cards this year, but mostly none.

The past 2 years I’ve made my own christmas cards. THIS year things have been rotten so I had to do the store bought thing. They even just went out in the mail today :shock:

I’m so behind…on everything! :slight_smile:


This is my first year sending cards…we’ll see how long I keep it up.

I’ve got about half done, and half to go.

Ever notice that the Christmas season “starts” earlier and earlier and we get more and more last minute about it? :rofl:

I bought some, but haven’t opened them yet. I’m finding that as the years go by, I have less and less people to send them to :shrug: I don’t talk to any of my college friends anymore :shrug:

yes, every year since I went out on my own 17 years ago, but this year I can’t afford it. I might do a New Year letter instead.

I’ve been married for 6 years and this is the first year that I’ve sent out cards. I’m terrible. I always mean to, but I’m lazy and I’ve never gotten around to it until now.

They went out in the mail this morning. :oops:

I would say most years I send out cards. But they are not always on time. I have just finished writing this year’s letter and finished the cards but haven’t sent them yet. Better a little late than not at all!


I haven’t sent out Christmas cards, but I wouldn’t say that I never will. I wouldn’t know what to say besides Merry Christmas and I don’t really like to send store bought cards. A nice letter would be a good idea. I like to do a phone call to all the important people. I’ve sent e-cards before too, maybe I’ll do that again.


I don’t “celebrate” Christmas as a religious, so that would be why…

They don’t make Summer Solstice cards… :smiley:

I normally don’t send out Christmas cards, the thought is there, but just I just completely forget until the last minute. This year I did a card exchange with another forum I belong to for Cairn Terrier owners. It was a lot of fun. I had my cards done by snapfish. Here are the pictures I used:

Mine are actually “Winter Seasonal Holiday of Your Choice” cards. If I was in Australia, they’d be “Summer Seasonal Holiday of Your Choice.” :wink:

We normally send out homemade “Happy Holiday” cards but I’ve been too busy knitting gifts and working to make them so I had to buy them this year. I did manage to make a card for our closest friends.

Nadja xxx

I do not like the commercialism of Christmas, and I do not like how so much money is made by people over the season. I prefer to buy cards that give a percentage to charity (this year the cards cost me £3.00 for 10 cards - around $6 - of that 70% will be given to the charity involved - Kidney Research).

I don’t send cards to tons of people and nor do I only give to charity at this time of year. I send cards to my direct family members, I give cards to my 4 colleagues and thats the lot. My family and I agreed long ago not to buy each other gifts - the money usually goes to charity instead.

Does anybody send other kinds of cards? Like Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanza, Buddah day, whatever. :??

Mine are really “Season’s Greetings” cards, for the most part. And I don’t usually write “Merry Christmas.” I write “Happy Seasonal Winter Holiday of Your Choice.”

So, yes. :teehee:

I send them out every year… :teehee: I can remeber growing up and mom would always hang them around the doors… so I do the same with mine kinda like keeping the Christmas Card tradition going :rofl: I send Merry Christmas ones… and will usually have Christ under lined…

ETA: if I had anyone on my list that didn’t celebrate Christmas I’d try to find a card for them … :thumbsup:

When I do send out cards (which is not this year to be clear! :teehee:) I do send out Hanukkah cards to those I love who celebrate. If I knew people who celebrated other winter holidays I would send to them…though I reeeeeeeally don’t want to imagine how hard I would have to work trying to find cards for Ramadan and Buddha day! :shock: I am just glad it is getting slightly easier to find Hanukkah cards and wrapping paper in the stores these days. Though the wrapping paper all looks strikingly the same every year…blue with silver Star of David symbols all over it…and menorahs…absolutely nothing original or any other patterns…i would bet that if i put two rolls next to each other that i bought five years apart they would be exactly the same…BLAH! (not good for my distractedly creative mind!)