OT Christian Music Lyrics

I’ve been trying to figure out who sings this song for weeks now. I must miss it everytime they announce it.

"How long will I have to wait for heaven? "

Anyone know?

do you know any more of the words?

I only know a word here and there. It’s a praise song.

“the bride and the groom”

Yeah, more words are definitely needed…Contemporary Christian music, right? Goodness, those lyrics kind of popped into my head, too…but I have no idea who the artist is or the name of the song :rollseyes:

I start balling everytime I hear it so am short on lyrics.

Yes it is a centemporary Christian song. :doh: I hate it when I get a song in my head but cant identify lyrics

“the bride and the groom (are) together again.”

Is it “Heaven” by Salvador? Is it kinda “Latin-y” in flavor? If so, I bet that’s it. Except that they ask in the chorus, “How far is heaven?”

If Salvador is not correct, I would look at FFH. They have tons of songs about heaven.

Try looking here on this link:


You should be able to find just about any Christian song on that site.
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I googled “wait for heaven” and lyrics and found Sara Evans listed several times…

Sara Evans’ song “Born To Fly” isn’t what I would consider a Christian/Inspirational song (Even if it is a really, really good piece of music. :D) but maybe they played it on a Christian station anyway. I dunno.

Try the search feature on this link, it’s got a lot of Christian Contemporary songs on it.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m wondering if any of you Christian music fans know The Desperation Band?

They are great, though I have to admit I may be biased…two of my nephews are in the band. :lol:


Lynn, I’m listening to them now…used the link you provided. How wonderful that 2 of your nephews are in this band!!! My husband is a singer/guitar player and used to play professionally, but plays only in church now…we have a FANTASTIC church band, musicians from all over town…we are very, very blessed :smiley:

Thanks for the link njknitter~
Love Who You Are, will check out their other posted songs as well.

Great way to start the day. :thumbsup:

They sound great! Thanks for the link.

Yes, i too have tried to find out what this song is for several weeks. if you still need the info, it is by Carl Cartee and is called HEAVEN.
the lyrics are something like "there will be dance, there will be song, great celebrations to welcome me home, magnificent feasts will honor the lamb, the bride and the groom are together again, how long will i have to wait for heaven?"
try the link below to listen to it.

This thread is almost three years old…

but…I’m glad it got “bumped” because I wasn’t around then either, so I got some new links and the name of a new Christian band! Thanks:happydance:

They are my “friends” on myspace! I listen to Kutless mostly (can’t get enough Kutless). I’ll have to check out Desperation Band a little more though and let my son hear. He’s in his own band as well - Christian, too.