OT: Chirstmas Lights

I know, I know its only a few months away, but I’ve been thinking christmas tree lights for about a week now. :teehee: We bought our 1st ‘Fake’ tree last year, and it came pre-strung with white lights. I’m a colored lights girl and was thinking about getting those LED tree lights. They are amazingly cheap to have on compared to the regular lights.

I’m assuming that it’s going to be a bear to take off the white ones and put on the colored ones, but I’ve got lots of time on my hands and a few months of extra stress ahead of me and aside from my xxx , I’d like to do something mind-numbing.

Anywho, has anyone here splurged on them yet? I know they’re quite expensive, but according to their price charts they should pay for themselves in 2 to 3 yrs.

Any thoughts?

Happy Holidays!! :rofling:

i got nuthin’ on the LED lights but my mother did the same thing and got a clear bulb tree (which i love) but likes the colored lights. we just added a couple of strands of colored lights to the tree without messing with the clear lights. as muc as i prefer clear lights the tree really did look great.

Yeah, I too like white lights with the colored lights, but the white ones (since they aren’t LED) will cost more to use. That’s why I would take them off. Eventually I’ll get some white lights that are LED, but I want to start with the colored ones first. :slight_smile:

its ok… Harrods opened its Christmas floor on 5th August (last saturday) so don’t worry about being “early” you are in fact late :wink: