OT: Cheezy Pet photos --share your pics!

I know it’s not knitting-related, but I just love seeing everyone’s pet pics. Keep 'em coming!

I was working on my laptop, and had to get up to get something from the kitchen. When I came back, I found my cat Chai just chilling:

oooooooh, Amy! I wanna rub that tummy!!!

Here’s my crew…

Damn it! I have puppy fever soooooooo bad! This is not helping. Here is my first born

This is not a very good picture, but this is my baby, Alfalfa. His coloring is very bright, but the photo doesn’t really show it. His head is bright yellow. He is very spoiled. :smiley:

I really, really like Kelly’s little Howie!

Stereotypical knitters… a bunch of cats and small, fluffy dogs. Where are all the Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds?

I bet we all wear our hair in buns too.


Well my puppy fever is for a Rottie, does that help at all?

:rofling: I wore my hair down to school today and SEVEN kids asked me if i was going out/on a date/ to dinner/to a job interview, and our school counselor said she saw “someone” standing by the copier and didn’t realize it was me until I laughed. :rollseyes:
I always wear it up, either in a bun or a clip… and it was back up again today after second period.

I don’t have any more pictures of my kitties to post; the rest are all too big. We were considering adopting a greyhound last summer though! But, alas, there was not a good match b/t us and the dog :verysad: But maybe next summer… We’d need to get a fence, too, and…

Amy, we need a “Rambling” emoticon!!! :smiley:

Thanks so much!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Alfalfa! I also have parakeets, but they dont like me. They are just happy being together.

My hair is not in a bun, because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make one…I would like to wear one of those cool, “messy” buns. I even got so desperate as to ask for bun lessons from a 12 year old!

Here is Madelyn. Yes another fuzzy cat.

Here’s my baby Siamese Moozha…He turned one yesterday!

Here he is as a kitten…

Ok, despite my previous snarky comment, here’s a picture of my guard dog.

I have three ferrets (and one pajama wearing BF). Here’s a reasonably clear shot of my kids, and one shot of many (like 50 - thanks to digital cameras and large memory cards!) showing how difficult it is to get three ferrets (and one pajama wearing BF) to hold still

You can’t really see the disaster in the background that is my knitting/midterms/tiny house mess… grin

I’ve always wanted one of those…a pajama wearing BF, I mean…do they eat very much, Yellow? And, can you teach them tricks? :rofling:

This may be my MOST FAVORITEST thread EVER EVER EVER!!!

…do they eat very much, Yellow? And, can you teach them tricks?

I don’t know about Yellow’s but after years of trying I did teaach mine how to put the toilet seat down :happydance:

Unfortunately, my 17 year old KittyBug died a few weeks ago. I miss him so much and seeing these pictures really makes me happy for you all! Do appreciate these furry ones!

I do have this new cat, however, to keep me company . . . not quite as furry as I’d like, but she’s trying!

Gat, Im SO SO sorry about your kitty! I lost a dog 2 Christmases ago & I miss her every day & have DEFINITELY developed a closer relationship with my pets since then! HUGS to you!!!

OK - THAT pet may just be cuter, and maybe even more rare, than Yellow’s pajama-wearing boyfriend.

And, for your cat, here’s a mouse for her to play with!

Nik, glad to see another Rottie fan in the group. We rescued a female Rottie in our area last July. She is great and our kids love her. When I finally get around to taking pictures of WIP, the hat I finished, I will take one of my big baby and send it. She is great!

:heart: Oh there are so many cute pets!!! :heart:

Yellowness, your ferrets are awesome! My boyfriend used to have a ferret and two rottweilers and the ferret would bite the rotts noses if they tried to mess with them…LOL.

KellyK your doggies are soooo cute. Nuno, your dog is awesome too. Everyone has such awesome looking pets.

I posted a couple pics of mine on another thread, but since we have a pet one, I’ll post them here :smiley: