OT: chat

I think that this site needs a a chatroom or option to chat with other knitters . I think it would be fun and a lot of questions could get answered immediately instead of waiting for a response. BUT I really do love this site and I dont even mind waiting sometimes- it gives my hands a break!

I agree that a chatroom would be nice!

I third it, motion passed!!

There was a chat room at one point…I think it got changed when the OT got moved into General…I could be wrong…

It wasn’t really used all that much, so it was taken off. Had nothing to do with mover OT to the General forum.

no…just thought it was around the same time…

It may have been in the same time period yes.

I believe they were having problems and since it was seldom used they got rid of it. Traffic is down overall so I don’t know if it’s an option.