OT: Catching up and new blog


I’ve had a crazy busy week, I’ve missed you ladies. Dh got me a new computer and I was so excited cause I would be able to comment on everything I get to drool over on Whatcha knittin, but then my durn internet is full of rain water so I can’t just yet!

I set up a new blog. Typepad is awesome. I still have lots of pics from last year to put up but I thought I would share it with yall anyway!


:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

Yay! Can’t wait to see your blog!

Okay, I went to see it. Normally, all blog sites are blocked here at our little school, but yours I could get to. Yay! Very cool.

I love the apple hat, that is too too cute.

My hubby surprised me with a new computer several months ago, too :smiley: Your new blog is very nice :thumbsup:

Cool Carmen, heh I guess its still clean. <giggle> Truly I am trying to clean up my act. Are you in an all year school?

Thank You! It’s so nice to finally be getting the hang of marriage! Only took me 14 years! Oh and Rebecca, those leaf socks! I think about them all the time, you really do beautiful work. :slight_smile:

I know it is late. I feel like I’m in a year round school! :slight_smile: But no, we get out on June 21st. We merged with another private school and instead of streamlining the schedule we kept ALL the vacation time from both. Next year will be a little different as we pare it down.

Public school gets out on the 16th here.

I visited your blog – very nice! :thumbsup: Isn’t it FUN?! Besides reading this forum, I like to read knitting blogs on a daily basis.

U r so sweet! The socks are a fun knit, too…Kemp’s got them @ her store, the pattern is free with purchase :wink:

the blog looks good so far! You deserve a computer with all you do!