OT: cat litter boxes

Long story short, I have a dog and a pet rat. My boyfriend has two dogs and a cat.

I’ve noticed the cat’s waste is by far, the most odourific of all of the animals. Nausea-inducing, even. Even worse, his dogs like to eat the cat’s poop so I’ve taken to removing the cat poop and flushing it. Even going near it turns my stomach, and I’ve been dog poop scooping/rat cage cleaning ad nauseam for decades. I had no idea that cats could produce such a terrible stench…and this cat is on a natural diet!!! :open_mouth:

Cats are disgusting little mammals. I wrote a paper in college for my advanced pathology class called “748 Reasons To Hate Cats”. That listed the number of microbiological lifeforms that they carry that are pathological to human beings.

Start by buying a litterbox that automatically disposes of the cat leavings. Then start aversion training the dogs away from the cat’s litter box. This can simply be done by making an annoying sound and gently pushing the dog away when it gets near it. The dog sees it as your exclusive territory and will leave it alone since you are the alpha.

I adore my cats and dogs, but I made the boundaries very clear when each of them entered the house. Make sure that the cat’s box remains clean or it will find your laundry basket in which to do its business. You will NEVER get the smell out.

We don’t live together (yet) but that sounds like a good idea! I like his cat, Lester the Molester too. (he’s so affectionate.)

If your cat will stand for it, try changing the cat’s food, too. Sometimes that makes a big difference in the smell level.

Different cats have different levels of dirty-box tolerance. ome cats want you to clean the box IMMEDIATELY after they use it (not an hour, and not a half hour, but immediately), and others will be OK if you wait a few days. But Angela is right that you don’t want to find that level the hard way.

I asked my BF to buy clumping/flushable litter, I think it would be better…

I’ve always had cats and their poop can be very bad especially if they don’t bury it. Not all litters are created equal. I ONLY buy Fresh Step or Scoop Away as those seem to be the best. I won’t flush it since I found out that cat waste can was contributing to sea otter death so we use a small step can that has a closing lid. We put a small trash bag in it and it’s ONLY for cat litter and it’s near the litter box. I also use Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizer.

The comment about food is right on. Cat food can make a big difference. Try switching to a good or different brand and add a little at a time to the original food so their tummies can get used to it before you switch completely.

I love kitties!

Yes I love kitties too but sometimes they are a problem. Especially when your dogs are fascinated by kitty poo. I recently had an old sled dog move into the house and used a very loud no every time she went near the litter box. Unfortunately the cat thinks she’s a dog and is more interested in her food than her own. Some of my retired sled dogs do not care for rubbing noses with her. Nor do I care for her sleeping on my knitting.

I have cats, a dog, and hamsters. I think all poop stinks, but the worst is the smell from a hog confinement. After that, cat poop smell is nothing.

Make sure kitty isn’t eating garlic is a good first step while great for keeping fleas away makes for a stinky kitty. You can also get a covered little box and put regular old baking powder in the bottom with the litter over the top. Also a dryer sheet on top of the covered litter box can also help. And I’d call your vet too, I had three cats for the longest time and their litter was never horrible. I mean it was bad but then again it is poop.

Garlic is bad for cats.

Werid never knew garlic was bad for cats always heard it was good for keeping fleas away because of the sharp smell… still make sure that the natrual food for sure is garlic free.

When I was in college and still living with my parents, we had a cat with a low tolerance for dirty litter. if we didn’t clean up her poop right away she’d poop in the bathtub! I can’t tell you how many mornings I’d make my way to the shower in a stupor only to pull aside the shower curtain, turn on the water, and step in a pile of cat poo.


I use The World’s Best Cat Litter (it’s made from corn) and that seems to work well. It’s made from corn and it lessens my concern about the cat ingesting it off of her paws or the dogs ingesting it if they get into her litter for a kitty treat.