OT--Carlsen Twins

These are two prescious little girls from Fargo who had their separation surgery today at Mayo Clinic. I am in awe and brought to tears whenever they are on our local news (which has been almost daily since it was announced that they were born to a local couple). Their parents are the most doting, loving people I have ever seen. There has not been a view of them that they have not both been together.
I’m fascinated with what medical science can do. They are lucky to have been joined the way they were from what I can understand.
I hope Fargo throws them a parade when they come home
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Abby & Belle

Update… ok, it seems that some of the articles have to be paid for (?) like some of the obits and such (grrr) but you can just click on the in-forum (our newspaper and get other news on the family…

Mayo Clinic :wink:

BinkyKat…thanks for sharing this! I myself am a twin, so I like to hear “twin stories”! What modern medicine can do today is truly amazing. My heart goes out to those two little girls and their brave parents! :heart:

What sweet, adorable, wonderful little girls! I am so glad their separation surgery was a success! I hope everything continues to go well – my thoughts will be with them. :heart: