OT Careful of "Amazon" emails

Hey all,

I just got a scam email from someone claiming to be Amazon that snuck through my hotmail junk filter. They spoofed an Amazon email and asked me to “verify my account.”

I’ve been using the same email with Amazon for yeeeeeears and they never asked this before, so I was immediately suspicious, and rightfully so. I notified Amazon of the scam, but I just want to make sure you all are careful with any emails asking for “verification” of your accounts, let alone name, address, email, password, or other personal information.

If you EVER get an email from a company asking for any of that stuff, log in to your account with that company before taking any other action. Check out their help section and see if they mention any thing about spoofs and scams, or their policies on what they will and won’t ask you.

Be safe! :hug: Your identity is your most valuable asset, and people are trying to steal it.

Please, please, please folks, do not EVER respond to any email from anyone asking you to verify your account information. Ever. There isn’t ANY online retailer that will do this.

You should also set your email client to block images as thet can contain spyware. Hotmail does this automatically and you should leave them blocked.

An ounce of prevention is worth hours of reformatting and reinstalling your system, or even worse - identity theft.

I heard people are now sending out free webcams with installation software that turns your computer into a zombie, too.

I don’t know if it’s true, but.

Paypal… has had this problem… I just send it to their spoof mail addy, they verify it… and disable the “paypal website” that the imposter set up. They always tell you how to id their email’s verses another imposter. I feel safe using them…

I’ve used them for over 3 yrs sending $ for ebay/ to my kids etc… Never had a problem. I get the spoof email but my account has always been safe.

And, NEVER click on the link they provide in those emails. It may look correct, but if you look really close, it’s got an extra character/missing character or something that actually goes to their site. They may have the correct logos, verbage and everything.

I accidentally clicked on one once. I wasn’t thinking. I hadn’t used Paypal in a while and there was an email about account inactivity. I didn’t even think about it. I think I even entered my user name and password. Of course, the next screen asked for more information and I knew they had it. As soon as I hit it, I realized what was going on! Duh!!! :wall: I went and changed my password at the real site and everything. I checked the account daily to make sure nothing happened. It never did, but I felt like such a DOOFUS!


Also, NEVER reply to the emails - all you’re doing there is verifying that its a real and used account and you leave yourself open for more spamming.

Naughty spammers!

They should have their bottoms spanked!

I am super careful about all of this now. A few years ago someone wrote a letter threatening the president and signed it with my DH’s full name, and the return address had our actual address on it. The secret service showed up at DH’s work and he had to submit a writing sample. They knew going in that it pretty much wasn’t him, the letter was mailed from Queens and they checked our credit cards and everything and verified that he wasn’t in Queens at the time, but they had to prove it. The writing sample didn’t remotely match, so he was all set, but it freaked us out. THEN a couple months later, I opened a credit card statement and someone had charged $1800 worth of airline tickets in DH’s name to one of our credit cards. The credit card company was fantastic, they immediately credited the amount and canceled the card. He had to sign a fraud form stating that he didn’t order the tickets, so they could prosecute the people who did. Then we put a fraud alert in with the credit monitoring companies so nobody could open any accounts in his name. We haven’t had anything else happen, but it was a huge hassle, and made us both more aware!!