OT: Can Your Dog Do This?

My Cricket waves on command, and I finally got the video up on YouTube. I have never seen any other dog do this, though I’m sure they exist!

That is so cute. Clever dog. How many do you have?

Thanks! BTW, I used to live in Ontario, I really miss it!!! Lived in Ottawa & Vanier.

That’s really cute. Neither of my current dogs will do the sit-up trick. One is too old and other has a such skinny hind end that she falls over. My very first dog was a golden lab and she would sit-up and shake her paw all day.

Adorable. No, my dog can’t do that, but I taught her to speak on command, either by my voice or by hand gestures. Now, she has gone deaf and she still knows the hand command for speak. I love my little dog.

I have one which will sneeze on command. It’s cute.

What is the command to sneeze? Do you just tell him to sneeze and he does it?


As with the waving, I just started to say “sneeze” or “wave” when they did the move. They they got used to it and would do it on command.

My Pepper rolls over she asks me to rub her tummy by sneezing.:teehee:

Sandee “Begs” and we didn’t teach her it. She learned it all on her own. She wanted something and she sat up and now she knows the command…If I can find the vid, I will try and post it.

I find it funny the things they learn. Sandee now knows that the lazer pointer is “Dot” and she understands that when I am holding it, there is a dot on the carpet to chase…

Dogs are so funny!

Very cute little one, she’s certainly got you well trained to point a camera at her. :thumbsup:

Must be a shih tzu thing!! Sabrina is my avatar. I was determined not to teach mine to beg so she doesn’t sit up on her hind legs. I never taught her to move those front legs either. But she has them moving just like this one when she wants anything from me, supper, take her from the vet tech or the groomer!! They are such a good breed and they don’t shed :cheering:

Our dog, Ike, will “smile” and “laugh”. The funny thing is we had a neighbor that swore he was attacking him. Ike was leaping around and dropping into the lets play stance but this kid was absolutely certain that he was going to tear him apart.

For non-dog people:
Dog smile = bared teeth.
Dog laughter = snorting.
Let’s Play = forlegs on the ground with hindquarters high and tail going like a whiplash! :smiley:

Of course you can use any word as the command, I use sneeze. But to train them to do it on command, I playfully and gently grab their snout and when I let go, they generally give a little sneeze, at which time I give the word command. Little by little they start to put 2 and 2 together, especially if you add a little treat when they do it right.