OT - Can someone dress me?

Ok really I need clothing help! My class reunion is coming up at the end of the month… I don’t know what to wear! This is way to much stress. It is “casual” dress. I want something that looks fab… but has that “Well she just picked that out of the closet and didn’t spend to much time on it” kind of look. :?? Any ideas??? I am desperate.

A flirty spring dress or a slip dress. :thumbsup:

Ummm, no dresses when excessive drinking will be involved :oops:

How about a pair of slacks and a tank or shell top, with a lightweight sweater over it? And strappy sandals. No high heels if drinking excessively. Can you get to the outlet mall at Williamsburg? Probably not, if you’re in Orange City. It’s been so long since I’ve been home, I’m getting confused. :?? Anyway, that’s my fashion advice. Oh, flirty looking tank, of course.

I think black pants are a must…preferably one with a little flare at the bottom or “stovepipe” ones that are straight down from hip to ankle. These styles usually look good on everyone, because they make your waist and hips look smaller in comparison to the below the knee area…usually something women want :slight_smile: Like this or this. They will also hide any accidental spills from the inevitible alcohol dribble and dance floor splash. Alternatively, I think a bias cut below the knee skirt in a flowy fabric. As for the top…go with your strengths here…if you have great arms, a tank, if you have good cleaveage you could do a little of that, a great stomach…maybe a shorter top. A great wrap you have made would be cool too…apt to stir conversation!

Don’t do buttonfly pants if you’re drinking :sunglasses:
In fact, do not wear anything that requires extra work to put on or take off.

I like the idea of the pipe pants with a cute dressy tank and some sweet sandals.

ahem i don’t know but i think when you are drinking is the BEST time to wear clothes that take extra work to remove! :roflhard:

I think you should wear THIS
or THIS, WITH the hat
If you are feeling a little more conservative, maybe THIS instead…

Kelly, go to your room

snif I was just tryin to make you laugh snif


Thanks, Nik! MUAH! :blush:

:roflhard: OMG Kelly I am afraid to ask where you even found the link to such things :fingerwag:

I need to admit that I do like that first one. If you just took the coat part and paired it with some bells! :happydance:

[size=7]HA![/size] :roflhard:

My 10 yr high school reunion is at the end of July, and I decided to knit up Tempting and wear it with some type of black pants. Just an idea.