OT Can any petlovers give flea med help?

Does anyone know if products from 1-800-petmeds are the same as from the manufacturer? I’m specifically trying to order Frontline, and when I called the company that makes Frontline, they said they ONLY sell to vets…and that other places have products made out of the country. 800Petmeds say they are exactly the same, and they are so much cheaper. But I’m confused, because the Frontline I bought at a pet store (not the vet) does say it was made in France, even though the box looks identical to the vets. How do we know?? I sure would like to know 800Petmeds is reliable and save some money.

Well, we use frontline, and that really uses. I don’t know that other brand you have, I guess it’s not available in the Netherlands, but my experience with cheap fea-meds is that they just don’t work, so I stick with frontline.

Maybe you should check the boxes and see if they match.

-eta-I mean the working substance

Forgive me for not remembering, but was Frontline the one they had problems with a few years back (with dogs getting really sick after having it applied)? If so, I’d definitely check the packaging, or just stick with getting from the vet in case there was a reformulation that might not have happened overseas.

I don’t know about Frontline, but I know that a lot of people have had issues with Hartz brand flea medications. About half of the results on a Google search for “Hartz flea” are warnings against using the product, including the rather disturbing site HartzVictims.org. (Disturbing because I love animals and reading horror stories like the ones on that site makes me sick to my stomach.)
Of course, there are plenty of people who use the medications with no adverse effects… but I’d pay the extra to get something directly from my vet.
Sorry for going a little off topic there, I don’t know anything about 1-800-petmeds. :doh:

I bought from 1-800-PetMeds one time and now they email me and have even called me at home to see if I wanted to order more. I am not sure but I think they require you to give them this info in order to buy from them. Now when I need to buy flea products for my animals I will just go to my vet and get it.

I would go by what the manufacturer has said. It may be like shampoos like Redken, the company will only guarantee the product if it is sold by a authorized dealer.

I order from Drs. Foster and Smith’s website. They are the cheapest including shipping that I’ve found. I used to get the Frontline, but that one doesn’t protect against mosquitoes. So we’ve switched to K-9 Advantix and they are actually having a sale right now on it.

If you have cats they just can’t touch it when it’s wet, but once it dries then they are fine. We have 2 cats, so I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t safe.

Their shipping is cheaper when you just order the flea meds.


I’ve heard a lot of problems about K9-Advantix…some dogs have serious neurological malfunctions after being dosed, or itchy skin, etc. That’s the one that I believe was in the news. I’ve never had any problems with FrontlinePlus.

I have been wondering about places like PetMeds though…Right now I get a 6 month supply of FrontlinePlus and Interceptor (for heartworm and other parasites) from my vet and it costs about $150 altogether. It looks like it would still cost me over $100 for the meds from these websites so it doesn’t seem worth it to me to risk it being a counterfeit product. I hadn’t heard that though…does anybody have any more info?

I’ve never heard about any problems with the K9 Advantex. I would think the vet wouldn’t sell it if it was dangerous to dogs. :?? The Frontline was fine too, but it doesn’t protect against mosquitoes, that’s why we switched.

Drs foster and smith sells a variety of flea meds, check it out. It can’t hurt to look and if you find something else cheaper, let us know!!

Dunno if this helps - but there are two types of flea drop. There is the flea killer which is the one I use (Frontline from the vet) or there is a flea Repellent, which is only good if your pet doesn’t have fleas in the first place (Really no good for an outdoor pet).

The repellent is much cheaper than the killer but it can be a false economy as it will not rid your pet of fleas, it will only keep them at bay if they are already flea free and its difficult to get a flea free pet a lot of the time.

I’m a bit precious with my pets so I will only use what the vet recommends (Also, you have a come-back if something goes wrong).


I didn’t read all the replies here yet, but here’s my take. Check with your vet first, if price is what is making you look at 1-800-petmeds. Most vet’s prices are comparable, and some vets will match prices. The concern with purchasing through phone or online retailers is that the product will not be guaranteed. It is true that Frontline distributes only to vets.

For example, Heartgard guarantees their product. This means that if you purchase Heartgard from your vet, and your dog gets any of the parasites that Heartgard protects against (for HG Plus it’s heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm), Merial will pay for your dog’s treatment. You do NOT get this guarantee if you purchase anywhere other than your veterinarian.

When purchasing these products from another source, you don’t know how the products are stored, transported etc. Are they kept in the recommended temperature range? Who knows?

Last but not least, these companies use very underhanded practices when contacting vet hospitals. You know those copy machine scammers that call offices (and then ship and charge huge prices for sub-par toner)? That’s what 1-800-petmeds reminds me of. Many vet hospitals will no longer deal with these companies at all. They will no longer give prescriptions to the company when it calls, which means more work for YOU. At our hospital, if a client wants to use this service, we will first explain the above, and if they still want to use it, we will write them out a handwritten prescription for the product. It is up to the client to get the prescription to the company, because we will not fax it/mail it for them.

Just to emphasize for anyone that uses this product and also has cats. This product is EXTREMELY toxic to cats! I would go beyond saying that they just can’t touch it when it’s wet. If you choose to use this, keep your cats completely separate after application. Even a quick lick from the cat can be extremely dangerous.

We won’t even sell the product to mixed households (dog/cat households, that is). To many owners haven’t taken the warnings seriously enough, even though the package is pretty much plastered with “NOT FOR USE ON CATS”.

Good advice, just call and talk to your vet as so many people here have varying opinions on things and pet issues tend to make people a little defensive I’ve found. :pout:

I only recommended the K-9 Advantex because my vet said it was a good product and since we have a lot of mosquitoes out here it is the best for my dog. As for our cats getting to it, well, they don’t go near the dog and vice versa so it’s a win-win situation.

Good luck with whichever you choose. :waving:

In addition to not using Hartz products, I woulnd’t use Zodiac or Bio spot either. A google search will bring up the same negative results. Several pets have died. I was fortunate my dog didn’t die, but did have two seizures due to Zodiac Flea and tick shampoo.

Many thanks to everyone who has replied. It’s wonderful to see how many people love their pets, as I do. Animals and knitting must go hand in hand!

The dog is question here is my granddog, an 11 year old beagle. He actually lives on an island, but he got such a horrible flea problem down there that he came up to stay with grammy for a few months. He was already on Frontline Plus, given to him by the vet on the island. Unfortunately, he kept getting re-exposed to the fleas (and tape worms!) from feral cats in their neighborhood. But with daily baths here and worm med from my vet, he’s finally flea free and a happy boy again. Time is approaching for his next dose of Frontline Plus, though, and checking into 1800petmeds, the cost is enough less than at the vet to make it worth looking into. It’s not a lot, to suspect a knockoff, but definitely a better price.

I called 1800pedmeds, and they totally swear their Frontline Plus is from the manufacturer–Merial Limited in Duluth, GA–and that it is exactly the same as what I would get from the vet. However, when I called Merial Limited, they said they do not sell to anyone but vets. So I’m very confused now. I just wondered if anyone else ordered from 1800 petmeds and if the products are the same. Merial said as long as their name and city are on the box and NO expiration date…it is ok. So I guess I could order and check. There’s no other way to know.

After saying all that, I must also say I won’t used Frontline on my little Yorkie. She almost died last summer from a horrible allergic reaction to something–the vet never could figure it out. In the tests, her liver numbers were astronomical. Since I had given her Frontline a month or two earlier, I’m not taking any chances. She’s small–we’ll deal with the fleas with herbal baths, collars, etc. I’m also giving her herbs for her liver.

The beagle is another story–he had millions of fleas!!! So as long as he’s here, I’m going to have to keep him on Frontline. He weighs nearly 40 pounds and is hard to get in and out of the bathtub more than once a week.

Thanks again so much for all the good info, everyone. I’ll let you know if the petmeds Frontline Plus lines up with what the manufacturer said–or if anyone thinks they are lying, please let me know! Pam