OT -- Calling all Swedish Bakers!

Spritz are butter cookies made by extruding them from a cookie press. Sometimes people add lemon, almond or other flavors. I like the plain ones best. You can press them in shapes like christmas trees or stars, or press them out like strands of pasta and shape them into wreaths. They often have those cinnamon decors put on them and bakers sugar sprinkles.

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hold on! Back up the truffle truck!

My Oreo Truffle recipe has an error in it … PLEASE make sure you process the Oreos by themselves before adding in the cream cheese!! (I’ll go up & correct the original post in case anyone else comes along and wants to try them.

Oh, and here’s a recipe for Spritz. These seem pretty close to what my G’ma used to make. Also, if you don’t have (or prefer not use) almond extract, just use all vanilla.

I like Spritz both ways. :teehee:

Thanks, Julie! :heart:

de umn børk! børk! børk

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Sorry… the title of the post put me in Swedish Chef mode!!!

I am planning on making the oreo things for Saturday. Does anyone know if I make them today if they will last in the fridge till Saturday, or should I wait a little bit?

ctmax –

They hold up great in the fridge. Just put them in a tupperware container!! I hope you enjoy them! :cheering:

My laziness has taken over, but I’m thinking of doing this instead… making the “dough” out of the cookies and cream cheese, pressing it into a pan, letting it get cold in the fridge, and then spreading the melted chocolate over the top and letting that harden, then cutting them into squares… :thinking:

I know it’s wimping out… but do you think it would work as a concept? (DH says no matter what happens, we’ll be eating them…!)

Karen –

It might work as long as you keep them cold. They get pretty soft if you leave them out for any length of time; except, of course, if they’re thoroughly coated w/ the almond bark.


Let me know if you try it, though! I’d be highly interested to know if there is a shortcut to dunking these darn things! I’m no good at making pretty truffles!

I suggested to DH I put down a layer of chocolate, a layer of dough and then more chocolate, and he thought it would be impossible to get them out of the pan, which might be true… :thinking: I think I’ll just have to treat them like little cheesecake pieces and keep them in the refrigerator until just when we’re ready to eat them… er, I mean some of them…!

Karen, they make pre-made pie crusts with Oreo crumbs, it’s in the same area as the graham cracker crusts. I think it would work if you used one of those. Or you could make your own if you could find some dark chocolate cookies with no filling.

Oh, wow, what a brilliant idea! Make a crust for under it! (This is getting more decadent by the minute…!) The pre-made pie crust I’m thinking would be too small for the amount of “filling,” but maybe something like Famous Chocolate Wafers (which I absolutely ADORE and had totally forgotten about until just now) would make a good base for the rest of it… :thinking:

Oh, man… one more day of counting WW points this week… what a time to be thinking about all this… :drool: :drool:

My son and I made these yesterday. We both are not very good at the dipping part, so they don’t look very pretty but they are soooo good :drool: I am making more today but I am going to use the vanilla oreos.

I am so glad everyone’s enjoying this recipe!! I took some into the radiation oncology team this week, and they went NUTS over them! I had to take some more in today & gave them the recipe as well. :lol:

:thud: :thud: <-- Me and DH after having what I made out of the truffle recipe yesterday. The crumb crust on the bottom didn’t hold together (I probably didn’t use enough butter), but it didn’t matter… it is still INCREDIBLE. I think it needs a bit more work to come out well as a pan of bars rather than dipped truffles, but as far as taste goes… INCREDIBLE! Incredibly rich, too… I ended up using Trader Joe’s version of Oreos (no corn syrup!) and instead of almond bark, which was more expensive, got one of Trader Joe’s huge bittersweet Belgian chocolate with almonds and used half of it to melt and then spread on top of the dough.

Thanks again for the recipe, Julie! :hug:

:lol: Karen!! You didn’t USE my recipe!! :roflhard: It sounds YUMMY, though!! I love Trader Joe’s pseudo-Oreos. I only wish they didn’t have any calories. :pout:

BTW … My MIL gave me a good dunking tip: Use a fork. :doh: I’ve been using a spoon all along, and I end up puddling too much of the almond bark around the truffle. I have another batch to make. This time: fork.

:teehee: Well, I used your recipe as inspiration for something that was better for lazy me this time! Next time I’ll use the real recipe! :teehee:

Well, Karen, I have the ingredients for another batch. <sigh> Now I just need to find the motivation to make them. I’m thinking I’ll “gift” them to the mail lady and the milk man. Perhaps I should wait for everyone to come down from their Holiday Sugar Highs first!