Ot - calling all knitters!

Hi everyone I have been a part of this knitting forum for a long time now and have gotten to know quite a few of you :teehee: I have come to understand that knitters are not only really crafty and talented people but they are really very generous and caring individuals as well :muah: So I belong to a group called the preemie projects in which I knit for preemies. Preemies hold a special place in my heart because I was a preemie myself and till this day still have respiratory problems due to this fact. The good thing is I am here and I am happy :happydance: Not all children survive and whats worse is they are so small they cant even help themselves in the fight that is why it is up to us to support the fight against premature illnesses and join in a worthy cause to help these tiny babies :heart: My best friend has joined March of Dimes Walk Of America and will be walking for the fight against premature illnesses. Hopefully I will be able to walk next year, I cannot walk this year due to illness but I will be sponsoring her this year and hope many others will sponsor her too. In sponsoring my friend all of the money will go directly towards research for premature babies and their families to help learn more about the illnesses that preemies endure and how to help them so that they can live the best lives possible. All money goes straight to the foundation nothing will be used for personal use. I know all of you may not be able to walk yourselves, but even $1.00 could make a HUGE difference! Could you please find it in your heart to help give these babies a fighting chance :heart:
THIS IS NOT A SCAM IT IS A SECURE SITE I PROMISE so come on guys and gals :cheering:

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please go to the right side and donate whatever your willing to put forth to help. I believe in Kharma and believe whatever good you do will come back to you in the end. Thanks everyone :muah:

Thank you Aimee for trying to help me get others involved in supporting Preemies. Thank you for sponsoring me :muah: maybe the generosity bug will spread, sometimes giving is contagious :hug: . I hope you are well enough to join us next year on the walk.

When you make a donation on that page, are you committing to donating the amount you specificy per mile that is walked, or you are committing to a set amount? :??

That set amount! Thank you for your interest I cant believe my best friend and I are the only ones that donated :teehee: Look at the babies arent they so darn cute :eyebrow:

I really cannot afford much at all at this time, as dh is retired and we’re on a very fixed income. I would like to give some, though.

Oh thats okay any amount would be a great help :muah: Even a quarter would be helpful :teehee: I mean every little bit helps right?!

Thanks Renna we really appreciate your kindness and the babies do too! :hug: :muah: :heart:

Thank you so much for your generosity, it is nice to know that you care about these tiny babies. :muah: I do believe that there will be a preventative for early births in the future, I also believe the only way to get there is if we all pull together to give these tiny people a chance to have their nine months. Thanks again for supporting the fight!!!

My gift was very small. :oops:

I do truly appreciate the effort of those like yourself, doing the actual walking. :cheering: