OT - Cable TV vent

Our cable company is starting to really annoy me.

We called 6 weeks ago to cancel our internet service with them. When we didn’t receive a bill this month, we called and requested another. We paid the bill.

Then, we get a very nasty phone call from a lady in another city because our cable bill was mailed to her attention. It is still under our name, and it still lists our phone number, but the bill is to her attention at her address.

When we called the cable company back again, they said that on the date we cancelled our internet services, we authorized an address change and billing corrections. :grrr:

We don’t even KNOW anyone in that city!

And then, they tried to CHARGE US for making two address changes in less than two months.

Good grief.


:wall: :wall: :wall: :!!!: :!!!: i hate people in call centers who don’t think past the script, or people in government who can’t see past the red tape and try to work with people.


WTH was she so nasty for?? It’s not your fault!! People are so stupid. :roll:

WTH was she so nasty for?? It’s not your fault!! People are so stupid. :roll:[/quote]

No foolin’! A few years back some idiot kept using my email address for his credit card and travel information. After months of just deleting it, I called my internet provider and found out from his address, phone number, etc. that he was mistakenly leaving out a letter on his email address and using mine instead. The internet company called and left a message with the guy and they gave me this guy’s real email address also so I could contact him and tell him the situation. I emailed him and told him that his private info was being sent to me because he was using my email address and that he needed to correct it and the fool looked up my phone number and called me telling me he was going to prosecute me, he knew my phone number and had my address, etc. if I used any of his info, blah, blah, blah. Nasty ingrate, I should have posted all of his credit card info and travel plans on the internet but figured Karma would bite me back. How stupid must someone be to not notice they are using the wrong email address and even more stupid to accuse someone that’s trying to help them get it corrected?

UGH! a huge peeve of mine is dealing with :twisted: customer service people. it makes you feel so helpless!

i totally feel for you. :hug:

Are you kidding me?! What an outrage :shrug:

What if you decided to press charges against him for harassment?

I think we’ve all had frustrating experiences like that. It sounds like it eventually all got worked out – thank goodness. I do feel bad for the customer service folks sometimes too, though. I’m sure a few bad apples are just lazy and/or don’t care about the customer, and a lot are probably only grudgingly there to get a paycheck (as it is with many jobs), but others might just be clueless because they got poor training. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an area with a lot of turnover. Once I actually apologized for getting snippy with a rep because I realized that it probably wasn’t her personal fault that someone else in her company totally messed up my order, and she suddently went from being very inflexible to being very understanding – she even gave me a $10 credit for my inconvenience.

Are you kidding me?! What an outrage :shrug:

What if you decided to press charges against him for harassment?[/quote]

No kidding! It sounds like this guy may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, though. He’d probably just get more confused and angry.

As for the CSR’s, if something has happened to me and I have to talk to one of them I always preface the conversation with this line, “I am very upset right now and I know this is not your fault but unfortunately you are the one who picked up the phone so you’ll have to bear with me”…and they end up being very nice to me since they know from the get-go I’m not mad at them.

Seems to work for me…but I never feel sorry for them. :shrug: I’m usually to angry to even think along those lines. :teehee: I seem to get all the stupid ones out there, I think I’m cursed as far as that goes. :pout:

I have been trying for 6 weeks to get someone at Joann.com to answer emails regarding a refund on stuff I sent back right after Christmas. After finally threatening to tell everyone here, my blogs, scrapbooking site etc not to buy from them, they emailed me and said they had processed my return.

We have directtv and I love it. I pay my bills online to them then can print out a receipt showing payment so I never have had trouble with them. We have our internet service through Bellsouth which is ATT now I guess and I get a $5 discount on my directtv for bundling as I went through my phone company to get my directtv.

Sorry you have had so much trouble with yours.


Once I was talking to someone from a health insurance company I had through my grad school. I was trying to deal with a bill they refused to pay even though they approved the visit in advance. The woman with whom I was speaking was so rude and obnoxious that I just remained calm and said, “I want to speak with your supervisor.” She continued to berate me, so I said in a more stern tone of voice, “I want to speak with your supervisor NOW.” She transferred me to her supervisor, I told her how I was being treated, what the situation was, and lo and behold, she agreed they should have paid the bill and she could see that it had been pre-authorized.

When in doubt, ask for the supervisor.

Having worked for a litigation law firm for several years I learned that the consumer actually DOES have rights with regards to credit issues. Bet you didn’t know that you can tell anyone calling you about a bill, they cannot call you at all that they must communicate by mail. You even have the right to refuse that if you wish. Of course, they can always sue you if they have no way to contact you, but better by mail than being harrassed daily at home or at work. They can be told you cannot be contacted at work, etc also.

Anytime you have a bill collector of any kind threaten you, tell them you are hanging up and not to call you again, then write to the company and insist they not ever call again because of how you were treated. It is always good to get everything in writing. Anytime you have a conversation like this, take down the time, date, etc and GET THE PERSON’S name. The more information you have the better off it is for you.

You cannot be bullied into making payments you can’t afford either. If you have a bill they want $500 a month for and you only have $50 tell them they can have $50 a month, that is all you can afford and don’t let them start bullying you, hang up.

I had a scenario just recently happen to me. We have an old bill that I have been paying to a lawyer for over a year because I refuse to pay the full amount all at once. It was an error made by the person to whom we had the service, but because I had no proof it was paidin full, I decided my best course was to pay the thing again, but I refused to pay anymore than $5 a month! lol Anyway, I pay that 5 bucks religiously, but when Jack had his heart surgery, I paid several months in advance from our savings because we had no income for a few months until he went back to work. I wrote the months the money covered on the check AND sent a letter detailing why I was doing it. I got a letter the following month from one of the attorney’s threatening me because I hadn’t kept to “my promise,” blah, blah, blah. Whooee was I mad. I went online to my bank and got a copy of the check, photocopied the spreadsheet I kept showing every payment, the date and the check number and made a copy of the original letter. I also sent another letter and let loose on them saying they owed me an apology, but because lawyers thought they could do no wrong, I wouldn’t get one. I told them to make sure they knew their facts and they needed to get glasses for their staff. A couple weeks later I got a letter APOLOGIZING to me, but he softened it by saying no one was perfect but the creator. Brother! I wonder what his comment would have been if I had said that to him if I couldn’t pay the bill, no one is perfect but the creator! lol

Anyway, all this was just to let you know that you need to always stand up for yourself no matter what and don’t take guff from people. On the other shoe, when you find a particularly helpful person, let them know you appreciate them and take the time to email the company and tell them how great your customer person was to you.

Yes, I agree, it is great to let people or their supervisors know when they have been really helpful.