OT: buying textbooks online

I need a nursing book for certification. One website shows the book at 135.00. That’s a lot of yarn!:wink:

Anyone know where I can possibly find nursing books for a lot cheaper? I don’t mind used.

It’s this book btw. Not sure if seeing it would help.


I typically bought my books on www.half.com . I am not sure if they have your nursisng book, but it is worth a shot. Sometimes, you can find used books on amazon.com too. Hope it helps!

I was amazed to find that many textbooks now have e-versions and are way, WAY cheaper than the dead tree versions. If you have much further to go, I’d invest in an e-reader of some sort. They pay for themselves the first semester.

I have gotten my son textbooks on eBay, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Abebooks. I would suggest you Google the book title and good luck! I hope you can find it cheaper than at the school because I have done so. My son needed books as he is going to school for cooking and some of the textbooks cost $200 or more.

i think i might write me a text book…

I snorted at this. It’s so true. With two kids in college, I’ve come to preach the gospel of used books. Having one university, and two community colleges here in town, we have a huge bookseller who does a brisk business in used textbooks. With the prices of e-readers coming down quickly as more companies are jumping on that bandwagon, I’ve told both kids to invest in an e-reader and showed them how to look up the books online. Hopefully it will help come these summer semesters.

http://www.bookfinder.com is the resource I sent my students to - it looks at all the web resources out there and ranks them by price.

Some college textbooks don’t read well via e-book because you can’t “write” in the e-books as well. There are hopes that the next generation of e-books will have tools that will let you underline, highlight, and write notes in the margins of your e-books. If you’re a highlighter, just keep in mind this limitation.

Whatever you do, don’t try to save money by getting a different edition (the 2nd edition instead of the 3rd, or an international edition instead of the US edition) - your instructor will refer to page numbers and may assign problem sets from your book, and if you have the wrong version it causes headaches for everyone.

If you are only interested in having the book for a while, you can try to borrow it.

Go to openlibrary.org and put in your ISBN # from the book. Once the book comes up, on the right side of the page you’ll see a “Borrow Section”. Go under the “Your Local Library” to see if any of those libraries are near you.

If not, then it appears Amazon is the cheapest and you can currently get a used one for $105 plus shipping.

Good Luck!