OT: Buying a Leather Couch

We’re looking to buy a leather couch & loveseat and aside from the importance of good framing and all, which we WILL look at before deciding…I like some which have sturdy topstitched seams down the middle of the cushions and we’re worried that makes the cushions more susceptible to ripping. Does anyone have this type of couch, how does it hold up with dogs and the usual wear and tear?

Dogs shouldn’t be on couches or beds. Period. (I know this is difficult.) To dogs, couches/beds = for the alphas.

That being said, my dog tries to sneak up on the couch when I’m not home, so I place objects on said couch to keep him off of it.

Well, I disagree with Noob. I think it’s personal choice and it also depends on the dog. Maybe a great dane shouldn’t be on the bed or couches, but my little dog is just fine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a beloved member of my family. :wink:

Anyhoo…we have a leather couch and chair that do not have the stitching as you’ve mentioned, but they’ve held up fine. I will say that they have gotten very dirty though just through regular of humans and I can’t get them clean. Arrgghh!

All dog breeds are…dogs. They all have the same “rules” when it comes to Alphas/pack order etc. There’s no way around that, unfortunately. We tend to humanize our dogs (it’s in our nature to do so) but they are quadrupedal omnivorous canids, not bipedal omnivorous sapiens.

Further, we all must be Alpha in our particular packs, the dog must never be allowed to think he/she is the “boss.”

I watch a show called “At the End of my Leash” frequently, and I noticed 99% of the problems with dogs revolve around humans treating the dogs as though they were their “babies” etc.

Jan, are you able to reach into your dog’s mouth to retrieve an object without the dog resisting? Also, can you mess with the dog’s food while she is eating it, without her reacting?

I believe so, she’s pretty submissive. It’s okay to disagree on this.

Whether you allow your pets on your furniture is a personal preference and totally your business. It is, however, something you should consider when you’re choosing your furniture.

If you do anticipate that your pets will be on your furniture from time to time, you should definitely choose carefully. I have only owned one leather couch in the past and my cat totally destroyed it with his claws! He seemed to enjoy using the couch as his “launching pad” to attempt to jump onto the top of my bookshelf, and thus my couch was eventually covered in scratches/gouges from him “taking off”, lol.

My parents have also owned several boxers, which are rather large energetic dogs, and have had to really train them not to get up on the leather furniture as they did have a couple of incidents early on with the dogs puncturing the leather with their nails.

On the other hand, however, I do find that the leather is much easier to clean. It does not attract pet hair the same way that fabric does, and it is much easier to wipe up spills, etc.

You know your lifestyle and/or your pets better than anyone. I think the best advice is to try to think logically and reasonably about what is going to work best for you and do your research on any potential furniture you may be interested in.

Good luck … hopefully you end up finding something you are really happy with! :woot:

I just thought I’d also add that the furniture my parents currently have does have the topstitched seams down the middle of the cushions and they have not had any problems at all with these tearing or coming apart … apart from a couple of punctures to the leather (which as I said were due to the dog and had nothing to do with the seaming) their furniture still looks fantastic almost 7 years later!

I completely agree & though we do allow our dogs on couches & beds we take steps anytime necessary to show them that WE are the alpha & have had great success with that.

It IS personal choice, I don’t think people who do differently aren’t doing right towards their dogs. I think many people have to learn that it’s important to do that even with small dogs, which are often overlooked.:hug:

I don’t own leather myself. But I’ve heard that the leather cleaner sold for interior car seats works well.

Absolutely! You can also get leather cleaner/conditioner designed for furniture … although I’ve used both and they seem to be the same thing packaged in a different bottle, lol.

It does a great job of cleaning up your leather furniture though, and also keeps it conditioned and “moisturized” so to speak so that you avoid getting that dried out cracked leather look.

As long as you are able to retrieve things from inside her mouth/mess with her food when she eats/approach her at any time with 0 growling/baring of teeth then I wouldn’t worry. I do find though, that carrying small dogs around leads them to be insecure/fearful/snappy etc. But that’s a whole 'nother can of worms. :roflhard: OOPS I said nother. :eyebrow:

I have leather couches and medium-sized dogs with short hair (American Pit Bulls) who are allowed on them and I agree that it’s easier to keep leather clean vs. fabric. The hair doesn’t stick to them and the leather cleaners that are available work really well. Most leather cleaners will also include a conditioner that shines and smooths the leather, too.

I don’t have a problem with holes, rips, or tears either, but my dogs’ nails are not sharp. I walk them both often and their nails are nice and smooth.

We have a leather sofa and chair with the top stitched seams as you mentioned and it has held of for years through the hubby being a bachelor and we still have it now. Our 62lb boxer mix is allowed up there and it hasn’t seem to damage the couch in any way. She really only wants to be up there if I am up there with a blanket and she is tired - otherwise the leather is too hot for her.
I actually don’t like the leather b/c it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer…but the hubby loves it. I must say it is easier to keep dog fur off of than a fabric couch. We do not use leather cleaner or anything like that on it.

do alittle reading on leather and the difference between " genuine leather" and “genuine FULL-GRAIN leather” You will find the full grain leather to be much more resisilient and tougher, and much more expensive as this is the outer layer of the hide. The premium part of a leather cowhide is the uppermost layer. You will find saddle soap is the best way to clean your leather furniture and regularly doing so keeps it conditioned and new looking much longer.

This link above is THE BEST explanation I have come across for the qualities and grades of leather available. Also a useful place to purchase leather for craft or upholstery purposes too.
Enjoy your new leather furniture. It should last a lifetime…barring cats that is. I’d have moved the bookcase or removed the cat before the couch was damaged beyond repair. ( I am decidedly not a cat person however.)

:roflhard: It seems silly … I know! It was a small apartment and I didn’t really have an choice as to where the bookcase went. Besides, as frustrating as he can be sometimes I love the little guy … he’s like family! :slight_smile:

We found our couch yesterday. I had done some research and found I should be looking for the coiled, 8-way hand tied (like they do mattresses) construction. Found a gorgeous set which had that in the frame AND in each individual cushion, plus a ‘pillow top’ attached to the top of each cushion. I was so impressed I wouldn’t let mom or hubby get up off their seats. It’s a store which buys discontinued or overstock, so it was the only set. Great deal! I can’t wait, it will be delivered Monday. :woot:

Thanks ALL for the great input.:muah: KH members rock!