OT but potentially useful - Foxit PDF Reader

I like to think I’m not completely alone in skipping over the PDF patterns on KPC because the Adobe Reader is soooo sloooow. At least, I used to. But I’ve recently discovered the Foxit Reader, which is awesome. It loads so fast compared to Adobe, and it’s free! I figured maybe you folks could get some use out of it too.


Edited to add a more helpful link.

Wow thanks!:slight_smile: This is indeed very useful :wink:

Adobe Reader really is slow! Whenever I accidentally clicked on a PDF file, I’m too afraid to click anywhere else until the darn thing finally loaded, :pout: because when I do click anywhere else my computer would just completely mess up or froze… So thanks for sharing this :notworthy:

In case you haven’t upgraded Acrobat to at least 7.0 please let me suggest that you do. As soon as we managed to get most of our clients to upgrade their Acrobat at the f/t job we have had much happier clients because our site started working much faster for them. 8.0 is the current version now I think.

I don’t know anything about this program you are talking about. no reason not to use it that i know of… just thought i would suggest the upgrade (if you haven’t already done it! :thumbsup:)

I have Adobe 7 and it’s just as slow as the previous, and freezes up everything in my browser until it’s loaded. And the files are so huge! Will be checking out Foxit…


ETA: Oh, it’s not free… oh well…

No, don’t give up! It’s free, really! The link I gave was just totally misleading. :doh: Check out the one I have there now.

Ok, thanks. It’s in my download file; will install it when I get a chance.