OT, but please indulge me!

My second little guy is turning 2 today!!! :happydance: :heart: :happydance: :heart:

I can’t believe how these past 2 years has gone. Being the mother of two boys has its ups and downs (my older boy is not THAT much older…only 19 months apart :shock: ) but it’s the best!!!

We are having a little party for Owen with a Nemo cake and a few little friends.

Here’s the little goofball in all his glory (also my avatar pic but now you get the larger version :wink: )

My little guy recently turned 2 as well. I was truly awed at how overwhelmed I still felt about what happened “2 years ago” and everything that we went through. The part that struck me the most was how different a birthday looks from the parent perspective vs. the kid persepective.

He’s a real cutey. Love the face he’s making :slight_smile:

I cried when my first turned 1, because she wasn’t a “baby” anymore. She was. I cried when she turned 2 for the same reason. Still really a baby. When they’re 3 they start to turn into little kids, for me. Two isn’t “terrible.” It’s wonderful–the speech, the huge amount of learning, the sense of humor–yeah, they can get stubborn, but so can we. :smiley:
Happy anniversary of your first childbirth!

Awww…do you keep that pic out in plain sight so you can look at it when he’s unraveling the toilet paper or playing Superman with the living room furniture? Maybe your kids don’t do things like that? I also have 2 boys and they are also 19 months apart. My oldest just turned 5 in June and my baby is about 3-1/2. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? I can’t believe Noah will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I’m going to be a teary puddle in the driveway when that bus takes him away on the first day.

Enjoy the party!!!

:present: [size=7][color=red]HAPPY [/color][color=violet]BIRTHDAY [/color][color=darkblue]OWEN!!![/color][/size] :present:

Awwww! Happy Birthday Owen :balloons:

*sigh, mine turns 2 in a few weeks :shock: *

He is sooooooooo cute!

Happy Birthday Owen!!!

He IS one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. That smile is worth gold! :wink:

I remember when my ds turned 5, having an epiphony of sorts. I sat down with him that night, to tuck him into bed and say his prayers. I was suddenly hit, like a bolt of thunder, with the realization that my little guy would not always be my little guy. . It occurred to me with stark reality that I wouldn’t always be able to sit down with him at night, on the edge of his bed, cuddling him, saying his prayers with him, etc. It seemed like such a natural part of our lives, and yet, I knew it wasn’t going to last. :frowning:

Sure enough, it didn’t. My little guy will be 30 on his next birthday, and though we do still have a great, and close, relationship, he is a man, and nightly bedside chats now would just be…well, weird. :blush:

You hear it from everyone, “make the most of their childhood, 'cause it will be gone before you know it”, and yet it is SO TRUE.

Hug, love, and cuddle those little guys for all you’re worth for the next few years! :mrgreen:

And now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OWEN!!! :present: :balloons:

[color=blue][size=6]Happy Birthday Owen!![/size][/color] :balloons:

My youngest turned two last weekend. This was me >>> I find that letting her run around in her diaper makes her look more like a baby. :wink:

awww he is so cute!! I cried when my son turned 1, 2, 3, and 4… when my daughter turned 1 I cried… LOL I know i will when she turns 2… The dr knows me and has the tissues handy when I take them to the dr’s office… Its such a cute age wish I could keep safe and young forever :lol:

Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday!!! :happydance:

What an adorable picture!

[size=7][color=indigo]Happy Birthday Owen![/color][/size]

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
[size=7] :present: HAPPY [color=red]BIRTHDAY[/color], [color=darkblue]OWEN[/color] :balloons: [/size]

It’s very, very hard to believe that my granddaughter will be 2 yrs old this month…WOW!!! She is devilishly cute if I must say so myself :wink:

Rebecca- Check your PM’s

I cried on my kids birthdays too…they just turned 28 and 25!!! Crikey…and then I have my 10 yr old grandson, plus the two smaller grandaughters…and I’m not even 50 yet!


Happy Birthday Owen!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :thumbsup: