OT: But I can't stop looking

Just in case you have nothing better to do, like me…



Well I am sure glad I didn’t open something called the “blue ball machine” at work! I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have cared how innocent it was! :teehee:

Am I dense? I don’t get it.

omg, to many blue balls for someone who just woke up :zombie:

Ok, just woke up… getting ready to finish for trip… that is totally insane…lol

Cool, but ouch! I had my headphones on when I opened that page! LOL

Thats my cell phone ring tone (Pee Wee movie)

It’s actually a much smaller image, only tiled. I like it better when I right-click and choose “view background image” instead of watching the loop with the music. However, thanks for sharing. That could keep me busy for hours.

Sooooo cool, but wish I had watched it with caffeing in my system… :zombie: :zombie: :zombie: :zombie:

Its cool but I did open it at work. Luckily I’m the boss. :teehee:


Whoa! :zombie:


:noway: :eyes: :hmm: