OT: Britney Shears


lmao! :roflhard: No kidding! I can’t believe she shaved her head!

I feel bad for her two children. It’s really sad when a child has a really messed up parent.

I know, but what can you do? You can’t pick your parents. Good thing she has all that money so she can pay for a live-in therapist for her kids.

So many people suck at being parents. You don’t need a license to parent a child, but you need one to own a dog. does that make any sense at all?

though don’t get me wrong. For every bad parent out there, there are lots more that are good parents, or those that try their hardest. No one’s perfect.

It’s just more noticible because those poor kids are in the media

It’s too bad that there are so many people that are in the spotlight while they just melt in front of everyone. Where are the hero’s? Who can todays kids look up to? We need to focus more on those people that are making positive strides.

I think she is a very confused girl. She wanted children, but is now experiencing the freedom that she’s missed out on the last couple of years.

She’ll get her act together.

Not that I’m a fan…just optimistic and thinking like a mom.

You feel really bad for her kids that she shaved her head? She looks good actually, you have to have the right-shaped head to pull that off too.
And the no knickers-pictures, seriously, I don’t always wear knickers, even wearing a skirt (of course I’m careful not to show my bits then)! I reckon good on her for managing not to care too much about the photographers. I don’t think it messes one up to have a mum with a shaved head, or to hear that there was a night she didn’t wear knickers! It would take a lot of courage for me to shave my head actually.


I have no sympathy for someone with the potention to have ANYTHING they want, and they can’t keep it together. Meh!

no, i don’t think that her shaving her head will affect the kids, i feel bad for them because she’s spending too much time partying, and has numerous issues. Like Carmen said,

I have no sympathy for someone with the potention to have ANYTHING they want, and they can’t keep it together. Meh!

i don’t know for sure, but i imagine i’d go pretty nuts if my every move/mistake was captured on film, with paparazzi snapping shots of me entering starbucks, exiting starbucks, buying tampons, shopping, driving, drinking with friends, juggling babies on a city street, exiting a car in a skirt, etc.

i might shave my head, too.

that being said, i simply can’t understand why she doesn’t just go into hiding for a while, record an album, and get her career together.

not only drive people shave their head but they could end their lives too !
it sad sometime how our society is …

I’m definitely not a fan of hers and think she has made too many stupid decisions, but I really feel sorry for her. I have to wonder if she is suffering from postpartum depression and maybe that explains her crazy actions lately. Having been through PPD myself, I know how awful it is if you don’t treat it and how it consumes your life. I just hope that if that’s what it is, she gets the help she needs before it’s too late :verysad: .

I’m so tired of Brit Brit.

I dont feel bad for her kids that she shaved her head- its what shaving her head represents. This is a girl who is seriously on the verge of a breakdown.

But on the other hand, there are lots of celebs that have to deal with the same things everyday, and don’t deal with it the way she has. I’m sure having people following your every move would drive you crazy, but now days its something that you have to except is going to be part of your life if you choose to be a public figure. I do feel bad for though that she just can’t seem to get her life together…and I agree, she really should just go into hiding for a while and try to get her life together but it seems like she cares more about partying right now.

I think she’s a good example of what happens when you throw a child into an adult’s world and expect them to make adult decisions. They do a lot of adult things before they are really able to understand the magnitude of what they are doing and that some decisions are decisions for life. Making mistakes isn’t really a big deal, it’s the fact that you have to live with some of them forever thats the kicker…just my two cents worth…

I actually wondered if she was sick or something - if she got some sort of bad news medically. Either way, she needs to get out of the spotlight instead of constantly craving it - go home and at least try to be a mother to her kids. She actually makes K-Fed look good.


on one hand I feel sorry for her because my monthly (ok I admit it, more like, daily :)) meltdowns are not caught on camera and broadcast over t3hint4rw3b. that alone would make me meltdown even more often.

but on the other hand, she chose her fame and her life. she set herself up for this.

she’s a total train wreck in progress. here at work we call her Anna Nicole Junior. that’s mean, I know. when she first kicked FedEx out, we were rooting for her. but the partying with Paris and partying every night while trying to fight for custody - how dumb can she be?

but she does have a nice shaped head. not many people can carry off bald like that.

That is an excellent point, and in that regard, I blame her mother. A lot of kids who become celebrities are pushed into it by parents who want to take advantage. I used to be really mad at my mom because I had an opportunity to go to into olympic training for gymnastics when I was 10. I harbored a lot of resentment for a long time, but now that I am older, and I see what has happened to the sport and what it does to little girls, I am so grateful that she risked having me hate her to do what she thought was best for me. That is what is lacking in a lot of parents these days! They don’t want their kids to be mad at them.