OT: breastfeeding cease and desist order

Has anyone heard about this??? It’s reminiscent of the whole stitch n bitch thing w/ sew fast sew easy…are we sue crazy or what??

Jen from The Lactivist has received a letter from the National Pork Board threatening to sue her for the use of the phrase “The Other White Milk” on her t-shirts. Jen sells these t-shirts online to raise money for the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Ohio. This t-shirt has been removed from her store.

Here’s the really ridiculous part. One of the Pork Board’s concerns is quoted here:

In addition, your use of this slogan also tarnishes the good reputation of the National Pork Board's mark in light of your apparent attempt to promote the use of breastmilk beyond merely for infant consumption, such as with the following slogans on your website in close proximity to the slogan "The Other White Milk." "Dairy Diva," "Nursing, Nature's Own Breast Enhancement," "Eat at Mom's, fast-fresh-from the breast," and "My Milk is the Breast.

Jen’s website can be found here if you are interested…

I should add that I just saw where a formal apology was offered by the CEO of the pork board…

It’s still an interesting story though…

okay where’s the apology cuz i just fired off outraged IMs to friends so I should probably link that too…lol

nevah mind…i found it

LOL Brenda…that’s exactly what I did…I was outraged so I posted…and then as I continued to read I found the apology. I’m still shocked it happened in the first place…

I took a look at her cafe press shirts and some of them had me absolutely rolling w/ laughter…I think I need the shirt that says “that’s my baby’s lunch you’re lookin at…”


I was laughing at the cap that says “I play with my baby’s food” :teehee:

My best friend used to have a pro breastfeeding site that sold rompers that said “My Mom’s too lazy to fix a bottle.” She had a picture of her son from daycare wearing it. He was sitting on the floor sucking on his fingers looking terribly forlorn. They took the pic in black and white too so it was completely the perfect set up. Cracked me up every time i looked at it.

I was ready to get on the war path… I breast fed. as does my daughter. My son-in-law… a Marine, gets very very protective of my daughter. Some of his buddies were being negative about breast feeding… insinuating they were for " husband " use only.

Well, at 6’4", 220 of solid muscle, he can look intimadating… except to his wife & me, lol…

He merely informed them of how wrong they were. He was almost in a shouting match when his C.O. came up to see what the heck was going on. My soninlaw explained, and the CO simply stated to the other men… You stupid enough to argue with him? He’ll clean all your clocks. & for your info… He is right… what do you think they were made for. grow up… and the CO walked off.

When my daughter heard about the recent sit in at the airports where that airline made the woman stop breastfeeding… she wanted to go object… except she was about 7 months pregnant, and unable to get up on her own from the floor.

I’m glad they apologized, breastfeeding is the most beautiful experience there is between mother & child… in my humble opinion I still remember the bond. I know all are not able to for what ever reason. I respect them and defend their choice as well.

*ok… I’ll get off soap box… sorry about that… :oops:

Good grief. :doh: I’m glad they apologized and I hope the situation gets resolved.

Ugh. :pout:

My heart literally sank reading about his. My best friend breastfed her twin girls for a bit over a year – it’s tough, tough work sometimes. And that’s what makes this situation (and the one involving your SIL, snowbear) so infuriating – the last thing a mom needs is someone telling her it’s WRONG, especially when she’s worked so hard to make it actually work. :pout:

anyway. i’m sure we all feel the same about this…

Even though I’m 18 and not a mum yet, I am totally 100% breastfeeding no matter what (unless you physically cannot) and that whole thing really got me steemed. :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

My two and a half year old son is in the process of weaning. He only asked to nurse once today. I feel very lucky to live in a state (CT) where I can nurse anywhere that I am legally allowed to be, and where harassing a nursing mother in public is a punishable offense (fine, jail or both).

I think the National Pork Board should get new counsel and make a very, VERY public apology to (and a nice donation to the milk bank in honor of :wink: ) The Lactivist. And if they don’t maybe all of the nursing mothers of the US who currently eat pork should reconsider “the other white meat” as part of their diets.

Yes, it just makes it all so much harder!
I love the part where the “pork” people said: " "We trust that after you have reviewed this matter, you will conclude that the better course is to promptly comply with National Pork Board’s demands herein."
Thankfully, it just made her angry! :!!!: And rightfully so.

Jen (from the Lactivist) had asked that people email her to let her know where they had posted information about the whole pork ordeal and I emailed her to let her know I had posted here “issue” here…she emailed me back this morning to say thank you. I thought that was nice–she didn’t have to take the time to respond! I hope everything works out for her–they haven’t come to a complete resolution yet but it sounds like they are getting there.

I agree about breasfeeding completely. I’ve just started BFing my son (who is 16 days old) and I breastfed my dd until she was a year old and decided she was no longer interested (or better yet–was just more interested in everything else around her). It is a really wonderful experience and it’s not an easy one!!! (I say as I yawn…)

I just came from a baby shower for my best friend’s sister and while I was nursing her step-dad came up to see my son–he was stroking his head and talking to me about the baby while I was nursing…all of a sudden, he just stopped talking, turned and walked away…turns out he didn’t realize I was nursing–all of the women at the shower were cracking up!!! It was so funny!!

I just came from a baby shower for my best friend’s sister and while I was nursing her step-dad came up to see my son–he was stroking his head and talking to me about the baby while I was nursing…all of a sudden, he just stopped talking, turned and walked away…turns out he didn’t realize I was nursing–all of the women at the shower were cracking up!!! It was so funny!!

Oh that poor man. He was probably mortified. :teehee:

he was but it was quite funny!! This is his first grandbaby on the way and his daughter intends to breastfeed so he’ll have to get used to it…I felt so bad for him b/c he literally left the room and didn’t return for the whole shower! LOL!

That is so funny, Cristy! :teehee:
I had a situation like that once, but it was my Aunt, so much less embarassing for her!

I agree, Breast is Best!

I have one funny story. My son was a funny nurser… He just loved to get in a snack, but couldn’t stand to have his head covered one bit… er, bite… as that is what he would do if I covered him.

He would talk and caress as he nursed. Anyhow, I was in University at the time and got comfortable with the whole thing no matter where I was. I really had to with the schedule I had! (and the university was great, allowed him to go to my lectures, made space for me to nurse, and even gave me free notes if I needed them due to baby issues).

Well, one time at Tim Horton’s… All of the sudden I realized, he had stopped nursing and had his head a good distance away to get a good look… and there I was flashing everyone since he would not allow me to cover him.

That was :oops: The funny thing was… not one single soul said a thing to me, although I caught several people looking!

My dd will be 12 mo on Sunday!!! and she is still nurses at night. she is way too busy in the day time to care, but she loves her mommy milk at night time. She is usually up 2 times between 7pm and 7am to nurse. I know she isn’t hungry, but just wants mommy time. that’s okay with me. :slight_smile: hehe. :slight_smile:

I have a onesie for her that says ‘got breastmilk’. It is such a great conversation starter! hehehe!!!

Tim Horton’s?? Birdy where in Canada are you? You could have been called the TIM HORTON’S FLASHER … :teehee:

I breastfed my DD till she was nearly THREE … mine was for different reasons though and I am no longer with her father whose fault it was that I breastfed that long … but she would come up to me and say MOMMY MILK MOMMY MILK and climb on my lap and haul up my shirt … I tried to get her off the breast when she was 19 mos old … finally when my weight hit 98 lbs my OB said “as much as I commend you for doing this for this long, I know the reasons why and this has to stop” so I started taking away feeding by feeding when she was just over 2 1/2 … by the time she was 2 mos short of 3, she was finished … and the father was gone. :cheering:

Our middle (of three) DD is expecting in March, a boy … I am going to make her a shawl as I believe she is going to be nursing … :heart:


It was difficult for me because my son had teeth at 6 weeks! So I only made it to about 10 weeks because I had a nasty infection and that coupled with the teeth was too much. But the Dr. said I made it through the most important part and that everyone should try and get to six weeks at the very least.

I might add that I was not breastfed, nor was my husband. He and I were both pretty sickly as kids and my son is NEVER sick. I mean, he’s 14 and I can count on one hand the number of times he’s been too sick for school. (Not counting other things like injuries). He is very hearty!