OT: boycotting school tomorrow (update, pg 3)

Does anyone else have to go to work/school on Martin Luther King Day tomorrow? My stuupid school is having a 1/2 day, but me and several of my friends won’t be showing up. It was actually my parents’ idea. They were like “You have school on Martin Luther King Day? Oh, you won’t be going.”

Well it’s a state holiday not a federal one–so whether or not it’s observed is on a state by state basis. The state where I work celebrates it (MA) and I technically work for the state, so I have it off. (We also get Patriot’s Day off in April…hehehe…I think it’s just MA and ME that celebrate it). But my friend works just over the border in NH and he’s gotta work tomorrow. To a certain extent: Whaddaya gonna do? :shrug:

I live in GA so we certainly celebrate it! :slight_smile: And I work for the school system so no work for me! YAY!

Feel free to protest if your parents are in agreement but like Hamma said…it’s not a federal holiday…laws are laws.

well, nobody’s going on “strike” and marching around with signs or anything.

we’re just, um, y’know, not showing up :shifty:

I get it–I did plenty of boycotting during my days in school!! :slight_smile: Have fun!

I’m off. My mom is crazy jealous. :teehee:

And by “Patriot’s Day” don’t you mean “Marathon Monday”? :rofl:

Man, I miss those days…my apartment at school was one block up from Beacon. I’m getting all nostalgic now. I’m gonna go cry and console myself with the fact that at least in NJ, people knowh which baseball team to root for. :rofl:

Madametj, I never had off for Martin Luther King Day when I was in school in NJ–it was a school-to-school decision, not a state-wide thing. :shrug: The school’s rationale was that no one would be “commemorating” MLK if they were off–they’d all be sleeping in and being lazy. This way, you could at least do something MLK-related in class. (I’m pretty sure we didn’t do anything in class, either. Too much history to move through to prepare fo the AP)

I am in Minnesota and as far as work force, federal and financial institutions get the day off.
Schools are also closed.
While it may seem unfair and wrong for your school to be in session, you’ll only be behind in your classes if you skip out on it.

I work retail. We are open MLK day. I also work on New year’s day, 4th of July, Labor day, Memorial day, and Easter.
We are closed 2 days a YEAR: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That’s how Barnes & Noble was. I worked Black Friday, Christmas Eve, day after Christmas (those last two were 6 am-2:30 :passedout: ), Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Easter (don’t celebrate, so I didn’t care.) You would not believe how many people came in with returns on Easter morning.

Actually my school is set up in a work-at-your-on-pace kind of curriculum. We can go ahead in our schoolwork if we want to (but “work at your own pace” doesnt mean that you can fall behind :teehee: ) and i’ve already done most of Monday’s work, and will be finishing the rest today :).

As a matter of fact, yes I do! :rofl: :roflhard:

my work is open, but my stepkid’s school is closed. so I’m working from home tomorrow.

it’s NOT a federal holiday? so then there’s mail, and the banks are open?

It is a federal holiday in that banks and PO are closed, along with federal offices and other government offices in many states. But states decide which holidays schools are to stay open and I think it’s a good thing to have school. It an opportunity to discuss things like civil rights (for all races and religions) and other reasons we should remember MLK Jr.


I work in a private school. We have school on Veteran’s Day because apparently it is very important for the kids to stay and learn all about military service and war time sacrifice. And I love service to country, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset we do that, I think it is awesome. But we have MLK, Jr. day off. HMMMMMMMMM…

I must add that I can’t believe that the kids have all these extra days off. When I went to school, which wasn’t that long ago (okay its been over a decade, but still) we never had any of those days off. We only had the major holiday’s off.

None of this Veteran’s day, MLK day and Columbus day?? That’s crazy. Why do they need those days off anyway? I’m all for educating our kids on what these people have done to make the world a better place, but where do they draw the line?

(just my opinion, this is not meant to offend anyone and if you are, then oops :teehee: )

Kids in my school have tomorrow off, but teachers have an in-service day. (They’re required to have so many a year, so I guess they just pick the ones that also happen to be little holidays and take them off. Lucky for us! :teehee:)

When I’m home, I work in a hospital. We work all days, obviously, unless you’re HR or something. Even then, we only have six days that count as holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.
My school is a private university. We don’t have any of the Monday holidays off. We get a break for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. No time for Easter, either.

This all varies not only state-to-state, but school district-to-school-district.

I can guarantee you that 10 years ago, New York had off for Martin Luther King Day, and that Hackensack, NJ had off–but Northvale, New Jersey was in school. :wall:

When I used to live in south FL, the school district would alternate between having MLK and President’s Day off. One year one holiday, the next year the other holiday.

I would go to school out of respect for the rules. But, not being afraid to speak my mind, I would write a letter to the district. You could even create a petition that is worded in very mature language. Who knows…maybe next year…

I work at a college, and we get MLK Day off. Of course, we’ve also got 4 solid inches of ice outside. Why did the ice storm have to come over the three-day weekend?

I work in a bank and all the branches are closed except for those that are inside stores… which is where I work… :frowning: The good part is that I will get one extra day during the year for all those holidays that we miss for being inside a grocery store…