Ot- blooms!

This is my “Moonflower” bush in full bloom so far…Datura, otherwise known as “Devil’s Trumpet”. Starts blooming in the late evening, blooms continue until morning and the temperatures go up, then does it all over again…light fragrance attracts large Lunar Moths.

very pretty! nice shot!

Ooh, pretty! But isn’t the Datura flower incredibly toxic? (It can kill humans and animals who ingest it.) It’s also an insane hallucinogen that causes delirium.

Yes, it is but neither my animals nor I have any intention of munching on them and don’t plan on drinking any datura tea either!

Very pretty!

They are very pretty!

I love it! What a unique flower.

Beautiful! What a unique item to have in your garden!

Oh How beatiful…the “seeds” you sent to me are at about 6 inches…I just got home from vacation ( a very hot/humid disney–orlando) and what a welcoming site…hope mine grow and bloom…:muah:

Yours are the vine, ya know! I have tons of these bush seeds if you want some of them, too…just holler!

Oh Yes Yes send em:hug:

Oh those are so beautiful! I love seeing those big, green lunar moths, too. I haven’t seen one in a few years.

Mary, I would love some, too… I love white flowers, and I’m insane-over-the-moon for luna moths!

I sent you a PM and the seeds will be in the mail Monday! :muah:

Want some seeds???

I have had the vines but, never knew they had bushes of Moon Flowers. Very nice!

Want some seeds??? I have tons of them…

I would love some seeds. I guess I would need to plant them next spring?


I got my (poison) seeds in the mail. lol Thank you so much, Mary. You gave me enough to share. Very sweet of you.