OT: Blogspot.com?

[color=red][/color]I have noticed that a lot of the posters here have blogs through blogspot. I went and looked at this to sign up and do one of my own, but am totally lost. I am sure it’s simple, but I’m feeling like I won’t be doing the right things!

Can anyone direct me on this?

i think i have two of them there…i never could figure it out right so i stuck with live journal…i can not update it just as easily there as i can blogspot AND it will at least look like i made an effort on live journal! :rofling:

I also tried blogspot years ago and wasn’t very thrilled with it. Have had a livejournal since 2004 and like how it works…

Now that i’m moving my site to a new server, I installed WordPress in it, and I really like their stuff. I know you can also get one free hosted in their server if you don’t have a site of your own.

wordpress.com (for the free ones)
wordpress.org (if you want to install it in your site)

I :heart: Blogger…if there is something specific you need help with feel free to PM me! :smiley:

Ditto what Julie said. I started my blog a few weeks ago…not having a tiny clue as to what I was doing and it’s now fun! The girls here helped me with most of it. Please let me know if I can help you.
To begin with, you have to pick your blogger template (the way you want your blog to look) and then start installing links and buttons, etc.

See…I had trouble with LJ so I switched to blogger. I have…ahem…more than one…blogger and haven’t had any trouble so far.

I loved LJ. (Ditched it due to…social problems)

But I love blogspot now. Much more customizable. Gives me exactly what I want. But…probably more than what you’re looking for at this point.

Blogger can be as customised or ‘basic’ as you want.

I’m more than happy to help with any blogger questions :smiley: I’ve been using it for years :smiley:

So I thought I’d join in with the whole blogging thing!! I love everyone else’s but have NO IDEA what I am doing.

Who wants to help :slight_smile:


Left you a comment :wink:

:slight_smile: I figured out the button thingy from here…but how to do it if there is no code displayed…

How would one make button for their own blog…see I told you I’d be full of questions :slight_smile:

You create it in a paint/photo program

Ok, can someone tell me how to do the Projects Bar? I like the one on Rebecca’s site and viewed the source, copied it into mine and edited it but it didn’t work right.

I’ll pm u with the info :wink:

I am loving blogger.
I don’t think I want anything really fancy for my blog. Just lots and lots of words. I like words. Words are my friends. They convey my heart.
Today my words explore the Great Knit/Crochet Debate, and the angst therein. If you have ever experienced that particular angst, you really should be reading my blog. (o I love self promotion)

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puppy eyes me too please =D

puppy eyes me too please =D[/quote]

Okay :wink: