OT: Blogging on Wordpress using Flickr

Yes, that’s right. It’s stupid question time.

I’m not even sure how I can’t figure this out since I’m usually a figure-outter but here I go.

I have a blog on Wordpress and an account at Flickr. When I do a test post and try to add pics, I can, but not from Flickr when I’m trying to post from the Wordpress site. However, if I go to Flickr, go to my pic and click ‘blog this’ and do up the entry there, it’ll add the pic I want.

Now, what if I want to add more than one pic? How can I position the pics in the order I want them? Am I missing something (other than my brain) that I’m supposed to be doing?

I hope this made sense lol.


Sorry, I primarily use Photobucket as my host for pics and my blog is on Blogger. Flickr doesn’t give you the img tags or generate thumbnail code for photos?! Photobucket does, which is one of the reasons I love it!
Good luck!

Flickr does provide the html code to put into the blog, so I don’t know why it won’t work…which code are you using? The top, long one or the bottom short one?

Ohh where does it do that? I haven’t seen that at all!

If you get to the single picture you want, click on “all sizes” (up where you can click on “blog this”) and then select the size you want. Then copy and paste the first set of code (the long one) into your blog post. That should do the trick.

As a side note…It works a little differently if you want to post a picture from Flickr here, btw. You’d have to use the bottom code (the short one) and use the “Insert Image” button (next to the insert URL button) to paste it in.

Oh thank you!!

glad I could help!